All About Bath Toys

There is nothing like hearing your baby giggling in the bath. They love to play with toys and it should be encouraged as bath toys help prevent them from developing a fear of bathing.

You don't have to spend a mint to have your baby enjoy bath toys. A simple sponge is one of the enjoyable of bath toys. You can squeeze it over your baby's head to make him or her giggle. Give them the idea about how much fun it is by squeezing water over your own head first. This is a great way to train your child to rinse his or her hair.

A baby will play with anything that floats or that is a cup. The simplest and most effective of bath toys is a plastic cup. They can learn the most basic of skills such as pouring water from one cup to another.

If you are rich you might want to check out the bath toys at sites like The Royal Diaperer. These are sites that specialize in high end bath toys. However they are not necessarily that expensive.

One great bath toy is bath crayons. They look like large crayola crayons. Your kid can draw on himself, on you or on the bathtub. There are ten different colors for about ten bucks. It is an affordable, artistic and fun bath toy.

The Play n' Spell Bath Appliqués by Sassy are also good bath toys. These are the letters of the alphabet. When wet they stick very easily to the sides of the bathtub and bathroom tile walls. They also have that sponge appeal because they absorb water and are deliciously squeezable.

Is your child always complaining about getting soap in is or her eyes. If you do have to put your kid under the shower you might try doing so with a plastic bath visor.

These visors are designed so that water does not pour in your child's eyes. At a reasonable $10.99 this product does double duty as a way of keeping the sun off of your child's head as well.

Of course you can't go wrong with the good old rubber ducky. Most kids have these in their bathroom nowadays. The rubber ducky has almost become the iconic symbol of childhood. Almost everyone had one in their bathroom. Online you can now buy all kinds of different styles of these ducks including devil ducks. These are just what it sounds like – little ducks with devil horns. They make both me and my child laugh and they are a charming variation of the usual yellow squeeze toy.