Tea Party Dolls for Little Girls

Did you ever hold a tea party and there was nobody there to drink the tea? That's how your little girl might feel if she has a tea party with her miniature tea set. Most companies like Addison and Madison, which make porcelain tea sets, also make porcelain dolls for sitting around with and drinking tea. These guests are usually quite big and well appointed in every way. They tend to be between fourteen and twenty inches tall, have long styled hair and are made out of porcelain.

Madison makes porcelain tea dolls that look like they are visitors from the Victorian era. They boast long velvet coats, plush satin and chiffon skirts with lots of ruffles, lacy parasols and lots of curls. Many of them also wear hats with feathers sprouting from the cap.

They are, like many collectibles of this nature, sold by name. For instance, Addison's sweet Marjorie doll is fourteen inches tall, has blonde curls and an overcoat that is olive green. Her dress is made of white lace ecru and her hat is piled high with snowy white feathers.

The Isabella porcelain doll is a song in a pink and green velvet ensemble. Her rose colored sun hat boasts roses and she carries a pot of roses. She has a cascade of coiled auburn curls and an air about her that is definitely a bit spirited and Irish.

The Chloe porcelain doll has a mauve velvet overcoat, a cream colored satin and lace dress and carries a heart shaped satin purse. She has a hat that sprouts a cascade of feather and small white birds.

Needless to say all three of these characters would be interesting company at a tea party. However porcelain dolls can be quite pricey and they can break. Most mothers buying porcelain dolls like this (like me) are more buying them for themselves. If your child is the kind that likes to throw things, then maybe a tea doll made out of delicate china is not the best idea.

If your little girl is short on guests for her tea party she can always enlist the aid of her stuffed animal collection. Simply take all of her favorite friends and seat them around a little table so they can enjoy their pretend party. To make it a little more real pour juice in the teapots (grape juice looks like tea) and let her eat fruit, cakes and cookies with her friends.

More Mocktails for Moms to Be!

Here are some more nutritious, non-alcoholic cocktails that pregnant moms can enjoy.

Avocado Aperitif
Peel an avocado and cucumber, chop into chunks and place in a blender. Add the parsley and lemon and blend until smooth. Add crushed ice and pour into a martini glass. Add a dash of salt or pepper as needed. Garnish with cucumbers or lemon peel.

Blackberry Foam
Mix blackberries, raspberry lemonade and a cup of plan non-fat yoghurt in a blender. Pour into a glass over ice and enjoy. Garnish with additional blackberries and sprigs of mint if you desire.

Brown Pelican
Mix five ounces of apple cider with 2 ½ ounces of ginger beer and mix with ice. Pour into a tall tumbler and serve. If you like you can garnish this with apple or drop a piece of ginger into the bottom of the glass. This is another good mocktail for curing the nausea that can come with pregnancy.

Lemonade Foam
Cut up lemons and place in blenders. Add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and 560 ml water and blend until smooth. Add 1 egg, mint sprigs and four ice cubes and blend until smooth. Serve in a tall glass over ice or add more ice and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with additional mint.

Pink Panther Cocktail
Mix a bit of milk, a spoon of raspberry jam and a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a blender and give it a quick whiz. Pour over ice in a martini glass and enjoy. This cocktail looks nice garnished with a raspberry.

Pussy Foot
Combine two ounces of orange juice lemon juice lime juice and a dash of grenadine syrup with one egg yolk in a cocktail shaker. Shake well with ice and pour into a martini glass. Serve with citrus slices as a garnish.

Rail Splitter
This famous non-alcoholic drink is a simple blend of sugar syrup, lemon juice and ginger ale that is poured over ice in a tall highball glass.

Spikey Hedgehog
Mix 1 oz of grenadine syrup, 1 oz cranberry juice, a dash of lime juice and fill with ice and club soda. Garnish with a lime and serve.

The Star Virgin
Shake mandarin juice, grapefruit juice and lemonade together. Pour over ice in a tall tumbler and garnish with a wedge of Star Fruit.

Watermelon Sparkle
Mix six ounces of watermelon juice with six ounce of Sprite. Add a dash of confectioner’s sugar. Shake with ice in a cocktail shaker and then pour into a martini glass. Garnish with watermelon.