Quick Health Breakfasts for Moms on the Go

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – not just for your kids, but also for you! Breakfast is the day that jump starts your metabolism. You are actually less likely to binge on foods that are bad for you later in the day. Women who eat breakfast are 25% less likely to be overweight than women who skip breakfast or who just have coffee for their morning meal.

Thankfully there are all kinds of quick breakfasts that are easy for busy moms to have with their coffee in the morning that are healthy and can help prevent low blood sugar and weight gain.

One of the easiest and healthiest of morning meals is to simply eat cereal with low-fat milk. Sprinkle a bit of frozen milk or chocolate chips in the mix for a healthy treat.

If you have time to make cereal you might also have time to make instant oatmeal. Add skim milk and raisins for a breakfast that is rich in protein, iron and B vitamins.

Smoothies are also an obvious choice. Make with milk, yogurt and fruit. Be sure to add crushed ice to make it extra frothy. If you are trying for weight loss add a little bit of protein powder to the shake.

A quick high protein choice is to eat whole grain toast spread with a nut butter drunk with a glass of low fat milk. A half a bagel with a light spread of peanut butter and cream cheese also works to keep your tummy full during the busy morning hours. Yogurt with berries and low fat granola is also a good idea.
Another fabulous low-fat breakfast choice is to scramble an egg with some salsa in a tortilla. If you are not watching your weight you can also add a bit of cheese.

If you are in a super-hurry grab a handful of nuts and a banana as you go out the door and eat it while you commute or are driving to work. This is a very filling high-energy snack that is also low calorie and healthy. If you do not like sweet things for breakfast then you can also try grabbing a piece of string cheese, turkey or ham and a piece of fruit.

If you really do not have the time for breakfast then start drinking a meal replacement drink from a can or at the very least have a glass of milk. Drinking a glass of milk just as you fly out the door is better than no morning meal at all!

Is Your Kid a Bully?

Just who is a bully?? A bully is YOUR KID. A bully is someone who tries to control others through intimidation or violence. They pick on kids that are alone and that do not have a strong network of friends. They steal from other kids or destroy their property. Is this your kid?

Bullies do not know how to get attention in positive ways. To get attention they do what they have to. Many bullies think that bullying is just a fun game. They feel justified in picking on others because it makes them feel they are winning.

A bully does not always feel great about him or herself. They tend to have very low self-esteem no matter how much they swagger around or push others around. They pick on kids who are not hr fringe and rarely use their bullying powers for good.

The bully is often lonely and needs to find true friends. Weirdly, many are quite charismatic and can be excellent leaders despite their violent ways.

One distressing thing to realize is that bully is a learned trait. If you are dealing with a kid that is related to you that is bullying others you need to sit down and be honest with yourself and realize that the kid learned it from someone k- most likely you! Bullies who don't change their ways in when they are young to prevent adulthood filled with violence and aggression. These antisocial behaviors often result in employment problems, difficulty maintaining healthy relationships and even criminal behavior. That's why it is your duty as a parent to make sure that a kid that is bullying experiences strong negative consequences for doing it.

A bully is anti-social and the behavior can be hard to change. Parents also should make school officials aware of any bullying that is occurring, whether the victim is their child or someone else's child. School officials need to know, and so do the bully's parents. The bullyingneeds to be called out and named, but without shaming the bully who after all is motivated by fear and low-esteem.

If necessary you need to take an aggressive kid to a psychologist for behavior modification training. The good news is that the cycle of bullying can be ended if you train the child to think differently about himself (or herself) and others early on. It also helps to check your own behavior to see how you are somehow teaching your child to pick on others.