The Pampered Child Syndrome

Lately, I have become quite interested in this book by Dr. Maggie Mamen called The Pampered Child Syndrome which is all about that one kid that takes over your entire family's priority. In fact these kids can take over everything including family harmony, financial considerations, respect for others and even common sense. In fact the other day I was in a restaurant just because of such a brat. I was just sitting down to a wonderful meal with my friend, who was a new mother in forties when suddenly her darling new child started bawling. She looked at me, and said, 'I'm sorry. We can't have this dinner. Little Delilah June wants to go!' The other lady I was with looked at her in shock and said, 'But we just got here…the child does not control how long we stay here for dinner.' The mother, a slightly insecure hysterical type kept talking about how we all had to do what Delilah wanted or Delilah would hate her. She had no idea that she should control the situation and seemed afraid of losing the approval of a two year old child.

This type of syndrome where innocent little kids push you around and cause havoc in everyone's lives is called Pampered Child syndrome. Don't think this can't be a problem because this same woman let her child take control of her entire social life for the next few years to the extent that she never got to date anyone and she lost all of her friends because she could never leave the kid with a babysitter. At age five little Delilah June was still nursing because even though she had sharp teeth, her mother did not have a strong enough will to tell her that it was time to stop.

If you do have this type of problem or know someone then Dr. Maggie Manen's The Pampered Child Syndrome: How to Recognize It and How to Avoid It might help. She has also written other books about boundaries, tough love about raising kids including Who's In Charge?, Laughter and Love and Limits.

It's a good thing to take away power from a little kid who has too much power. For one thing, children know it is wrong for them to have authority and power that they are ill equipped to handle. As they grow older they become control freaks and develop serious social and psychological difficulties.

Fashionable Old Fashioned Names for Boys!

Do you want a classic name for your little boy bundle of joy that is old yet still fashionable. The following list consists of some vintage suggestions that are still in style today.

Aiden – This very popular name is Irish and means 'fiery.' Although it is ancient, the name Aiden also has a very upright contemporary flair.

Avery – This name, which means 'counselor of the elves', is English in origin. It has been on the top ten lists of popular English names for the last two years.

Charlie – Charlie is one of those old English and German names that tend to never go out of style. This perennial favorite name means 'strong.” The real name of Tiger Woods is Charlie.

Everett – This traditional English name means 'Wild Boar.' It is a rarer name that has a great deal of dignity.

Henry – This is a name reminiscent of many English Kings even though its origin is German. The name means Ruler of the Household.

Jasper – This name means 'Precious Stone' and is a stylish form of Jacob or Josh. It is good for a kid that you are hoping might become artistic.

Leo – This striking yet short name exudes strength. The long form is Leonardo. The name is Latin for 'The Lion.' It's a good name for a son that you hope will be very ambitious.

Liam – This name, thanks to actor Liam Niilson, has been popular for some time. It is Irish and short for William.

Max – This is a dapper Latin name that is short for Maximillian or Maxwell. It was very popular in the 1920s.

Oliver – Oliver means Olive Tree in Latin. It also has its connotations to Oliver Twist. It is a gentle sophisticated name with a very old vibe.

Owen – This name is Irish for 'young warrior' and it used to describe nerds like the character that Danny Devi to play in 'Throw Momma From the Train. Nowadays it is seen as a more sophisticated and manly name.

Rory – This is also a very popular name this year. This Irish moniker means 'brilliance.'

Silas – This sleek and sophisticated name is an alternative to names Like Samuel and Sidney. It used to mean an old fuddy-duddy but it has fresher connotations in this century.
Wmffre – This unique name that is German in origin and pronounces oom-fre was among the top 100 names for boys in 2011. It means peaceful and is the German version of the name Humphrey.