When Your Girl Wants to Be Like Barbie

It can be dismaying to hear from your little girl that she wants to look just like Barbie. She is not exactly a feminist icon. However she is not such a bad role model if you want to look at Barbie in terms of being a mover and a shaker who is motivated and practices good hygiene. In fact you can use the example of Barbie to teach your little girl about how to look good.

For instance, to look like Barbie your little girl has to have long hair. You can use the example of how well-cared for Barbie's hair must be to get so long and shiny. This helps teach your girl to wash, condition, comb out and style her own hair. There are also products you can buy that make hair shiny that are not toxic and that your child can simply smooth on her hair.

One thing to keep noting about Barbie is how clean she is. Tell her that Barbie takes a shower every day and brushes her teeth. She always washes her face and hangs up her clothes at the end of the day. Make your little girl feel the need to be organized in order to look good.

You can also teach your child how to put on sunscreen so she can have unblemished skin like Barbie. It is also a nice idea to teach your little girls how to moisturize or oil their skin after a bath so they can have smooth skin like Barbie too.

Barbie also gives your child a lot of ideas about how to wear make-up. Buy the bright oranges and pinks and the blue or green eye shadows that Barbie wears so she can identify with her look. A powder puff with translucent powder can also help your kid look fantastic. Most little girls who get to wear make-up like this become very happy.

You can also buy special make-up kits for younger girls that have the brand name Barbie on them. This prevents your child from making herself up to look like a whore. Older girls can shop with you for Barbie like colors so they learn how to buy make-up. If your kid is too young to wear lipstick you can buy them tinted lip balm.

Most Barbies have pink or coral colored nail polish on their fingers. You can spend quality time with your little girl by taking the time to apply nail polish with her.

More New Barbie Doll Releases for 2012

The Mattel company is going to be very busy in 2012 releasing a number of new Barbie Dolls. This is good news for moms who love the iconic and well-loved toy of millions of girls and women.

The Pink in Pantone Barbie Doll is one that celebrates the Pantone Color chip PMS 219 which is a perky pepto-bismol like color that is very much associated with Barbie. In fact the dress is a long ruffled affair with a big flowing tail that is made completely of Pantone paint chips. She also is wearing high heel shoes with pink soles. The dress is fitted with two straps and pink flower accessories. The hair on this Barbie is long and white.

Mattel has also made a Hope Diamond Barbie. The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in the world and it weighs 45.52 carats. The stone itself is circled with other diamonds. It is currently showecased in the Smithsonian. This doll, which has thirties style coifed red hair has a navy gown with a flared bottom. Around her neck is the large beautiful Hope Diamond necklace. Long white gloves and diamond cuffs and earrings complete this glamorous look.

Mattel has also made the Ireland Barbie Doll which is one of the new dolls it has made for its Dolls of the World Collection in 2012. Barbie from Ireland has red hair and wears a traditional green dress with lace and bodice with short puffy sleeves. She also wears little green shoes with big buckles and carries a little stuffed Irish setter puppy.

Mattel has also made an Australia Barbie Doll for 2012. This Barbie with long gold hair wears fitted tweed khaki skirt with an animal print belt, tall buttoned up boots and is carrying a Koala bear friend for company.

The 2012 China Barbie doll wears a bright red silk dress embroiders with gold and blue flowers and wears traditional geisha shoes and big gold drop earrings. Her hair is piled high and drops in an Amy Winehouse type style. This Barbie Doll, which does not look Asian facially, carries a Panda under her arm.

You may not be a fan of Barbie but at the very least, these elaborate dolls do teach young girls about history and the importance of elegance. These new 2012 Mattel Barbies would make a great gift for the young budding fashion designer or historian in your family.