Ways to Use a Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

One of the best uses for a heart shaped cookie cutter in of course to make cookies. Decorating cookies made out of a heart shaped cookie cutter can be an enjoyable family project. If you are scared that little ones will cut their fingers then buy plastic ones. The plastic ones also double as toys for cutting out play-dough after you are done using them for St. Valentine’s Day.

You can sprinkle these heart shapes cookies with just about any decorations that you like including red glitter, pink glitter pink sugar balls and edible silver balls. He3t shaped cookies also look nice dusted with pick or red Jell-O powder or paved with thick pink sugar icing.

You can also take two sugar cookies and press jam or pink icing between them. Heart shaped cookie cutters can also be used to make Jell-O treats. Simply add an extra package of clear gelatin like Knox gelatin to a pan and let it gel. You can then use the cookie cutters to create the heart shapes. This makes great finger food for toddlers. The glittering heart shapes also make beautiful decorations for other desserts including cakes puddings and pies. The extra gelatin makes them stiff enough to pick up with your fingers.

You can also make mini cakes using the cutters to make a delectable valentine’s day treat. Yet another use is for making heart shaped ice cubes and centerpieces.

The cookie cutters can also be used as templates for cutting hearts it of construction paper. Simply trace a line around the cutter and then cut it out. You can then decorate the heart as you please. You can also use it to create heart out of a photograph. You can then trim the ribbon with whatever you like so it looks nice.

In essence the heart shaped cookie cutter has been used to make a heart shaped object out o anything. You can fill them with plaster, clay or paper mache to make decorations and paperweights. You can paint the result with latex or acrylic paint. You can even embed objects. Within the heart shaped mold is space to place a flower or shell or other curio along with acrylic plastic. This is a great way to make an elegant broach. Simply use feathers to create a brooch or ornament that says 'my heart has wings”.

You can cookie cutters themselves to make all kinds of crafts including sculptures of earrings and brooches.

Easy Bake Oven Recipes to Pass on to Your Child

Do you remember how as a kid you might have enjoyed playing with your Easy Bake Oven? Well I was pleased to find out the other day that these ovens are still for sale.

If you like the look of a vintage easy bake oven then you can find lots of vintage styles, unused and still in their packages online. As you might call the oven was heated by a light bulb and the oven came with a little pans and cake mixes for making the Easy Bake Oven Cakes. However these cake mixes are expensive and just about impossible to find which why I am glad that I kept my recipes for the Easy Bake Oven. I remember that I reduced and calculated all of the ingredients myself so that I would not have to pay for the expensive mixes.
Here they are –
Banana or Chocolate or Vanilla Cake
6 tablespoons flour
4 teaspoons sugar
¼ teaspoon baking powder
Dash of salt
Six teaspoons milk
2 teaspoons butter
3 tablespoons banana cream pudding mix (or chocolate or vanilla- whatever flavor you want to make)

Mix the dry ingredients together and then add vanilla, milk and butter. Mix until smooth and then add the banana pudding mix.

Butter and flour the little mix pans and pour the mixture in and bake in the Easy Bake Oven of 12 to fifteen minutes. Ice with chocolate frosting and press a candied banana chip in the center of each cake or make a little layer cake.

Easy Bake Peach Upside Down Cake
¼ yellow instant cake mix
3 tablespoons peach juice
A couple of canned pieces sliced into chunks
Brown sugar

Grease the pan with butter and cover the bottom of the pan with the brown sugar. Layer the peaches on top and then pour the batter over the peaches. Bake for twenty minutes. Let cool a bit and flip over when done. Serve with a bit of vanilla ice cream or milk poured over it.

Easy Peanut Butter Cake
6 tablespoons flour
4 teaspoons sugar
¼ teaspoon baking powder
Dash salt
6 teaspoons milk
2 teaspoons peanut butter
Mix the dry ingredients. Add the vanilla, milk and peanut butter and stir until smooth. Pour the batter into the cake pan and bake for twenty minutes. Let cool and serve with strawberry preserves or jam. You can also make a layer cake with the middle layer being peanut butter.