Even MORE new Barbie Doll Releases for 2012

Mattel is putting out more Barbie Dolls than ever for 2012 and this is good news for both mothers and daughters alike that enjoy collecting, playing with and admiring the dolls.

One of the Barbie Dolls from around the world produced by Mattel this year is Argentina Barbie who is dressed in a teal off the shoulder gown that ends in a long row of fringes. She also wears a sheer shawl and a band with a big rose in her hair. She wears high heel stilettos in black and fish net stockings that are a homage to Brazil's wild night life. She also has a rose around her ankle and is carrying a stuffed cougar.

A really interesting barbiedoll is Barbie Shoe Obsession. This cute blonde doll, who has a seventies cut, is wearing a short white tulle dress with a studded belt. The skirt of the dress has pockets into which are held 50 different pairs of classic Barbie shoe styles including mules in purple, pink and black. If you or your daughter has a secret lust for shoes then this Isa perfect gift.

Barbie Basics at Mattel is putting out a number of swimsuit model Babies for 2012. Model No. 7 is an African American Barbie with a full out Afro that is wearing a bright yellow bikini and high heel sandals, gold hoop earrings and has her own beach bag and orange sarong. Model No 4 is has long flowing gold curly hair and is wearing a bright pink bikini and high heels and carries a large gold lame purse. Model No. 5 Barbie has black hair styled in a short Diana Rig type haircut and is wearing a bright blue bikini with hoops at the hips and bright blue shoes. She also carries a big gold lame bag with a patterned green and blue sarong. Model 14 wears has a seventies style bouffant hairdo and wears a very bright purple two piece bikini and purple high heel gladiator sandals. Model number 4 has large pouffed hair like Anita Bryant used to wear and boasts a one shoulder suit in a bright neon green. She also wears neon green shoes and carries large clear plastic tote.

Another innovation by Barbie that is still popular this year is Stardoll. This allows you to make a Barbie that is in the image of yourself. You can create an avatar and then dress the Barbie however you like. You can then order up the real life doll.

More New Barbie Doll Releases for 2012

The Mattel company is going to be very busy in 2012 releasing a number of new Barbie Dolls. This is good news for moms who love the iconic and well-loved toy of millions of girls and women.

The Pink in Pantone Barbie Doll is one that celebrates the Pantone Color chip PMS 219 which is a perky pepto-bismol like color that is very much associated with Barbie. In fact the dress is a long ruffled affair with a big flowing tail that is made completely of Pantone paint chips. She also is wearing high heel shoes with pink soles. The dress is fitted with two straps and pink flower accessories. The hair on this Barbie is long and white.

Mattel has also made a Hope Diamond Barbie. The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in the world and it weighs 45.52 carats. The stone itself is circled with other diamonds. It is currently showecased in the Smithsonian. This doll, which has thirties style coifed red hair has a navy gown with a flared bottom. Around her neck is the large beautiful Hope Diamond necklace. Long white gloves and diamond cuffs and earrings complete this glamorous look.

Mattel has also made the Ireland Barbie Doll which is one of the new dolls it has made for its Dolls of the World Collection in 2012. Barbie from Ireland has red hair and wears a traditional green dress with lace and bodice with short puffy sleeves. She also wears little green shoes with big buckles and carries a little stuffed Irish setter puppy.

Mattel has also made an Australia Barbie Doll for 2012. This Barbie with long gold hair wears fitted tweed khaki skirt with an animal print belt, tall buttoned up boots and is carrying a Koala bear friend for company.

The 2012 China Barbie doll wears a bright red silk dress embroiders with gold and blue flowers and wears traditional geisha shoes and big gold drop earrings. Her hair is piled high and drops in an Amy Winehouse type style. This Barbie Doll, which does not look Asian facially, carries a Panda under her arm.

You may not be a fan of Barbie but at the very least, these elaborate dolls do teach young girls about history and the importance of elegance. These new 2012 Mattel Barbies would make a great gift for the young budding fashion designer or historian in your family.