Children’s Toy Sets

What is cuter than a little girl's toy tea set? Toy tea sets are beautiful and they become collector's items that are passed down as heirlooms (that is if someone does not manage to lose a cup or a pot along the way.) The teapots are really small and typically hold two to five ounces of liquid and the tea cups often just hold an ounce or two of liquid. Most of these little China tea pot sets also come with cute little creamers and sugar containers and sometimes little spoons of either china or silver to match.

One of the most popular motifs for toy teapots is bunnies. There are toy china tea sets made with bunny, mice and duck images by story teller and illustrator Beatrix Potter n them but there are many different realistic portrayals of bunnies on childs tea pots. However when it comes to gorgeous little teapots and cups Beatrix Potter is not the only game in town. There are many more anonymous illustrators and designers out there that have put their designs on teapots and the bunnies are equally as cute an equally as realistic.

You can get teapot collections made by Disney, but like the Beatrix Potter collections they have become a bit too common and corny. The company called Cardew makes a unique European looking Snow White teapot that features her and the seven dwarfs and that does not look much like the Disney version of the popular storybook character. If you think Disney is too corporate it is a good idea to look around for something less commercial. It does exist.

Reutter Porcelain is a great company that makes all kinds of different storybook character based tea sets. One of their nicest lines is their Alice in Wonderland line which features pictures of Alice playing croquet with the Pink Flamingo and The Red Queen. The illustrations are based on the original ones by Lewis Carroll.

There are also some companies that simply make tinier versions of their adult collectible teapots. These have beautiful floral patterns and nice gold trim. Madison is quite a famous old company that makes beautiful tea sets that are packed in a beautiful designer paper and wood box that matches the pattern on the tea set.

The nice thing about these teapots is that they already come wrapped. Many sets come in nice boxes or even wood cases. Quite a few are packed for gift giving in their own closing and locking picnic baskets.

Fashionable Old Fashioned Names for Boys!

Do you want a classic name for your little boy bundle of joy that is old yet still fashionable. The following list consists of some vintage suggestions that are still in style today.

Aiden – This very popular name is Irish and means 'fiery.' Although it is ancient, the name Aiden also has a very upright contemporary flair.

Avery – This name, which means 'counselor of the elves', is English in origin. It has been on the top ten lists of popular English names for the last two years.

Charlie – Charlie is one of those old English and German names that tend to never go out of style. This perennial favorite name means 'strong.” The real name of Tiger Woods is Charlie.

Everett – This traditional English name means 'Wild Boar.' It is a rarer name that has a great deal of dignity.

Henry – This is a name reminiscent of many English Kings even though its origin is German. The name means Ruler of the Household.

Jasper – This name means 'Precious Stone' and is a stylish form of Jacob or Josh. It is good for a kid that you are hoping might become artistic.

Leo – This striking yet short name exudes strength. The long form is Leonardo. The name is Latin for 'The Lion.' It's a good name for a son that you hope will be very ambitious.

Liam – This name, thanks to actor Liam Niilson, has been popular for some time. It is Irish and short for William.

Max – This is a dapper Latin name that is short for Maximillian or Maxwell. It was very popular in the 1920s.

Oliver – Oliver means Olive Tree in Latin. It also has its connotations to Oliver Twist. It is a gentle sophisticated name with a very old vibe.

Owen – This name is Irish for 'young warrior' and it used to describe nerds like the character that Danny Devi to play in 'Throw Momma From the Train. Nowadays it is seen as a more sophisticated and manly name.

Rory – This is also a very popular name this year. This Irish moniker means 'brilliance.'

Silas – This sleek and sophisticated name is an alternative to names Like Samuel and Sidney. It used to mean an old fuddy-duddy but it has fresher connotations in this century.
Wmffre – This unique name that is German in origin and pronounces oom-fre was among the top 100 names for boys in 2011. It means peaceful and is the German version of the name Humphrey.