Talk to An Angel to Stay Safe

There are many angels that keep you safe but the King of Safety in the angelic realm is the Archangel Michael. If you are in need of protection than it is the Archangel Michael that you need pray to. is thought to protect individuals from all physical and spiritual aggression including accidents, diseases, crime, astral attacks and the evil eye. He is the angel to pray to if you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, have made a huge mistake and need to have it fixed or feel that you are the victim of another person's addiction, mental illness or injustice.

In Jewish, Christian and Islamic writings Michael ranks as one the greatest of all angels. In Christian imagery he is often depicted as winged, with an unsheathed sword. This is the sword of righteousness that slays dragons both inner and outer dragons and demons. He also rules thousands of other angels that keep you safe.

Michael is often associated with a steely blue or laser blue light. In cases of emergency just imagining surrounding yourself in a bubble of this blue light is thought to offer protection.
Psalms associated with Michael and his Angels of Protection are: Psalm 3 (to conquer all fears), Psalm 6, Psalm 7 (for protection), Psalm 10 (for protection and help), Psalm 12 (against oppression), Psalm 11 (triumph over adversities), Psalm 17 (for justice), Psalm 28 (for protection against the wicked), Psalm 64 (for protection), Psalm 70 (for help) and Psalm 83 (to ward off enemies) Psalm 85 ( of which Michael is thought to be the author.)

There are several other major angels that rule different jurisdictions of protection in the heavens such as –
Ariel – This is an Angel of healing, wrath and creation that offers people protection from disease and the evil eye. This angel also helps protect you from severe pain.

Dumah – Dumah is an angel of death with the ironic function of protecting you from and unjust death. In the event that your death is a murder this vindictive angel will make sure that justice is done to the perpetrators.

Gabriel – This important all-purpose archangel protects you from all evil and failures due to neglect or accident. He also bestows wisdom when a quick decision is necessary.

Isreul – This angel protects women from accidents during pregnancy.

Jhudiel – This angel protects your business from theft and makes sure that your affairs are conducted in an ethical way that never invites trouble into your life.

Jophiel – This angel can help protect you from bad habits and temptations that could ruin your life. He keeps you disciplined and on track in life.

Nuriel – This heavenly being protects against explosions, accidents and fire.

Ophan – These are a group of angels that watch over you while you sleep.
Raphael – This powerful healing entity can protect you from disease and misfortune as well as the resentment and jealousy of others.

Uriel – This powerful archangel can help you avoid negative individuals and banish the negative thinking that can become a self fulfilling prophecy. Uriel can also help protect you from the bitterness and jealousy of others.