Bread is the Stuff of Life

I know carbs are bad but my children and I will never do without our bread. I even bought a breadmaker a few months ago. I make good healthy bread every day for them to eat. They don't get fat eating my bread because it is not store bought and full of refined sugars and grains.
I am in my early forties so I grew up eating that supermarket bread. My parents baked their own bread because they grew up in that lifestyle where making bread was part of a daily lifestyle. Buying bread only became in style during the post World War II era in the 1950s. This is when as a society we were introduced to the concept of being able to buy anything that we want.
The art of breadmaking was almost lost when I was young. In fact you had to go to a restaurant to get fresh bread – usually an expensive Italian or French one. As I was raised in that supermarket era of white bread eaters I never really knew how great eating fresh homemade bread could be until I got this breadmaker. I was introduced to the concept after tasting some fresh made bread at a friend's house. I was intrigued because she was having us dip it in flavored olive oil rather than smothering it in butter which is why I had been avoiding home baked bread in the first place. The temptation to slather cow fat all over it was just too much.
My homebaked bread is the centerpiece of every meal we have in my home. The kids love it. It is healthy for them and I get to control what goes into the bed. My bed is all natural and there is no preservatives in it. I make a new loaf every day or every second day depending on how much of it we actually gobble up.
I got so enthusiastic about making my own bread that I even bough a Magic Bullet for grinding up my own grains. I make ordinary breads but I also make savory and sweet loafs as well. My olive and sundried tomato bread with coarse salt is to absolutely die for.
Now I also know that my bread is always fresh. The worst thing about buying bread from a store is that you never know how truthful the expiry dates on it are going to be. Remember opening up those bread boxes and seeing loafs of breads covered in green or black mold. Those days are completely over for me. This is why I can now truthfully pray 'Give us our thanks this day for our daily bread!'