Carbs Can Make You Infertile

Are you trying to get pregnant? Here are some foods that might help you conceive faster and also give brith to a happier and healthier child.
I am suggesting that this is not a bad route to go if you are trying to conceive simply because the effects of fertility drugs can be deadly. They are hard on your body and its difficult to watch so many lost multiple births. Also so many women I know spend their life savings on fertility treatments that don't work.
The idea that foods can make you fertile is not just a folk notion. There is a specialist named Dr. Jeremy Groll who works at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio. His theory is that people who are slightly insulin resistant have difficulty with conception.
A diet of fertility boosting foods was devised by Dr. Groll to help boost the chances of getting pregnant. A side effete of Dr. Groll's diet is that it can help you lose up to fifteen pounds. Weight loss and reducing your insulin resistance is part of this approach. Most women conceive within eight weeks of first following Dr. Groll's diet.
So just what exactly is insulin resistance? It is a condition in which the body has difficulty responding normally to the hormone insulin making it a risk factor for diabetes. It mainly occurs when the pancreas overproduces insulin in an attempt to metabolize carbohydrates properly. That creates a rush of testosterone which is a hormone that can sabotage ovulation. Yet another problem is that the fetus does not attach well to the uterus when insulin resistance is a problem. The result is often a three times than average miscarriage rate among people who have this condition.
A lot of women who are insulin resistant also have polycystic ovary syndrome which affects up to five to ten percent of women. In addition to periods the condition causes facial hair, acne and benign ovarian cysts. It can also affect your ability to become pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term. Up to seventy percent of women who have this condition miscarry because of poor attachment of the placenta. Ninety percent of women who have this condition are also insulin resistant.
In Dr. Grol's book – Fertility Foods: Optimize Ovulation and Conception Through Food Choices it is an even balance of carbohydrates and other foods that are needed to make you fertile. You should have an even balance of 1:1 of protein to carbohydrates and eat less than 35 grams of fat in order to conceive. The diet also includes fruits, vegetables and fertility friendly foods such as olive oil and cinnamon. Keeping blood sugar regular is also necessary which is why a morning, afternoon and evening snack is also recommended.