Christmas Crafts to Do With Kids

If you like Christmas crafts there is no shortage of directions for how-to projects both on and online. On the Internet there is lots of inspiration for crafts. Do a little surfing and you will find do it yourself projects for every type of craft imaginable. Women's magazines are also full of ideas for projects you at this time of the year.
I like to keep it simple. Try baking your own shortbread cookies, decorating them with colored icing and decorative silver balls and stringing them on shiny ribbon or fish line. I let the kids cut out the shapes.
One good shortbread recipe can provide you with loads of cheap and creative looking cookie Christmas tree decorations. You can buy shapes like Christmas trees, Christmas balls, snowmen and angels as cookie cutters from a store. Even the youngest of kids can do this. Perhaps the easiest shape to make out of shortbread is the Christmas ball. Simply cut the ball shape out of the dough with the rim of a glass and lavishly decorate it with candy glitter.
You can also make your own Christmas tree garlands. This is one of those ancient crafts that can be a group activity for you and your family. Simply stringing popcorn on a string makes very attractive garlands. You can also try stringing nuts or cranberries on string as well (but make sure your kid is old enough to handle that needle. Garlands can also be made out of gold or aluminum foil that is cut up and twisted in loops that hook into each other.
It is also fun to make your own Christmas tree decorations. These types of crafts can be made from almost anything including Styrofoam, play dough, cookin' crystals and ribbons. One clever idea is to buy a box of plain glass balls and then make patterns with glue on their sides. The idea is that you then roll them in glitter to create a sparkling yet merry pattern.
If you are really ambitious you can also try making your own Christmas candles. One of the simplest ways is to buy sheets of beeswax and then roll them up to create unique one of a kind candle centerpieces. You can also melt wax in a double boiler and make your own candles. There are commercial scents such as pine and cinnamon available on the market that is specifically created for making these types of Christmas crafts smell nice. You can also buy Christmas candle molds in the shapes of popular holiday motifs such as evergreen trees, snowmen and stars.
Sitting around with your family to make Christmas crafts together, even it if it is as simple as handmade Christmas cards is a great way to strengthen your loving bonds with each other at holiday time.