Clothes That Take Off Ten Pounds

If you have just had a baby and need to lose the baby weight or if you just gained a few extra pounds due to menopause or slipping off your regular healthy diet it is good to know there are some looks out there can really help you look slimmer.

First off don't wear anything too baggy. Stay away from the big shirts and don't take them out of your husband's closet. You might think they make you look thinner but they don't. You just look large on sloppy.

On the other hand it is a mistake to wear clothes that are too fitted. It makes you look like you are about to give birth. That is not that flattering if you just had the baby.

The best thing to where are tunics. You can buy these in Walmart, Zellers, Winners and also in high end clothing stores. Empire style tunics or wrap style tunics flatter the pregnant figure the most. They look best because they are fitted in the arms and shoulders but not too tight across the tummy.

An A-line shirt dress also helps pinch in your waist and the loose bottom can help hide heaviness in your hips.

Wearing skinny pants that are slightly flared at the ankles is most flattering on a body that is a bit heavy because the cut elongates your thighs and upper body.

Distracting details such as embroidery around the neck can also take the eye away from hips or a belly. This can help you seem slimmer especially if the top or dress is a darker color and the embroidery on it is much lighter.

Textured knits with a scoop neck and ribbing can help highlight the thinnest part of your torso which is right below your bustline, while at the same time highlighting the beauty of your bustline. Be sure to wear a good bra beneath so that your body looks more structured, slender and slimmer.

You can also slenderize by wearing a cardigan over a top, especially if it is also made out of a looser ribbed fabric. This makes it harder to see any part of your body that is a bit flabbier than it should be – especially around the midriff.

One thing about being a bit heavier is that your breasts tend to look more sumptuous. Dare to show off your bigger bustline while you have it by wearing lower cut tops, tunics and blouses.