Controlling Pregancy Migraines

A migraine is a type of vascular headache. It is caused by blood vessels dilating and causing severe pain. This agonizing pain needs to treated, yet that can be a challenge if your are pregnant. It is the volume of blood in the vessels going to the head that causes all of the throbbing as well as other symptoms like blurry vision, nausea and literally 'not being able to see straight.' People with migraines, including pregnant women can also experience severe throbbing pain on one side of the head and see zing sags or weird lights.

For some reason some women with migraines see them disappear altogether when they get pregnant. However curing a migraine is not a good reason to conceive! Other women never experience a migraine and finally do for the first time when they get pregnant.

Thankfully a migraine is not a threat to a fetus. However if you are getting severe throbbing pain in the head then you need to confirm that is not from another type of cause from a physician.

You don't want to take any heavy painkillers or drugs while having a pregnancy migraine and one of the most effective treatments is rest, darkness and peace and quiet. The sooner that you lie down and isolate yourself after the initial symptoms start the more of a chance you have of shortening the duration of the pain.

The best treatment is prevention. You need to avoid common dietary triggers such as cheese, chocolate, and coffee. Food preservatives, nitrates in meat and sulfites in canned foods and wines can also be culprits. Loud noises, lack of sleep, lack of eating, low blood sugar and flickering or bright lights can also cause a migraine.

Stress is often the cause so relaxation technique such as meditation, yoga and deep breathing can help. Cold packs on the forehead and on the neck also help. An acupuncture treatment or massage performed by a prenatal massage therapist could also help reduce the frequency and pain of menstrual headaches.

You should not take either over-the counter or prescription medications. Studies show that caffeine can trigger them so stay away from coke and coffee. Drugs like Tylonel 3, which contain a lot of caffeine are out of the question. That is also why chocolate is not a good idea. It too contains caffeine and also theomobrine which is known to trigger headaches.

Triggers for migraines differ from person to person so it is important to maintain a diary of what is provoking them. Remember too there are always treatment options that you may not have heard of. Some doctors recommend drinking water. Even a remedy like Tiger Balm might be of assistance. Another remedy is Ginger tea. I say, whatever works, as these hormonally triggered headaches can be quite painful.