Cool Maternity Wear

For so many years 'maternity wear' meant wearing your husband's tight shirts and I for one am glad those days are over. I love the way nobody is hiding their round little tummies any more …in fact the trend is towards showing that belly off by wearing tighter clothes! Although that is the fashion it is not the best option always. I say when you are pregnant that it is best to go for comfort first and fashion second.
Unless you overeat and gain weight fast or are an unusual case, most women don't need to buy any maternity clothes for three or four months. By month five most women are definitely in need of some kind of clothing that will accommodate their swelling abdomen. Once you are at about four months it is time to buy those low waited pants tor those stretch pants. At the very least wear a shirt that hangs over your belly. Do what is most comfortable for you.
When it is time to shop for clothing the key is to buy it in the size that you were before you were pregnant. Don't try to try on clothes that are way too big as the maternity wear manufacturers have already second guessed that. If you normally wear a size eight in non maternity wear then you will wear the same size in special maternity clothing.
I love the trend towards low rise pants. These snugly fit below the belly. These pants make all women look slimmer but they are also more comfortable. Your belly can hang out above the waistline. Most pregnant women like them because they look like regular low waited jeans. I wore mine with an empire waited top when I was pregnant. However that was only in the first and second trimester. I did find by my third trimester that they were too tight and that it was uncomfortable to bend over. The best types of low waited jeans like this have at least ten percent spandex in them. It is the stretchy spandex that allows your clothing to grow along with your growing tummy.
It is also best to buy maternity clothing in a solid color as stripes and loud prints will make you look a lot bigger than you are. Stick to a solid color if you do not want to look too big. Darker colors make you look thinner too but I warn you — all those neon colors are in vogue for spring.
When it comes to tops for maternity wear you want to try the baby doll look. This is a style with an empire waist and long scoop sleeves. This same type of style also works very well for maternity style dresses. ]
Any wrap around style that can grow with you during your pregnancy and to top it off it is also a very hip look. Any type of wrap around dress is fantastic in fact.
Summer dresses can be easily accommodated to fit pregnant bodies especially if you go for loose cotton styles. Many Indian skirts have loose drawstrings that make the waist adjustable which is of course the most important factor when you are pregnant.