Coping After a Stillbirth

Sometimes a baby is still born. This is not a topic that is talked about too much because it is so tragic. Still if this has happened to you then you will definitely identify with this article. I also wrote this article to help you deal with a friend who may have had this unfortunate experience.
The first thing that happens after a stillbirth is a grieving period. For most women the weeks after it are a blur. Social workers often tell mothers of still born children not to expect much from thief because they don't know what to say. Sometimes other mommies behave like the baby's death is contagious. This is one of the worst things we can do but it is hardwired in our human nature to act like this.
Most women just cannot stop crying after a stillbirth. This is also natural. It is also the kind of anguish that parson cannot handle alone. It is very advisable to get psychological counselling.
Many mothers also blame themselves for the still birth. Many are not fair to themselves. Still births have many different causes. In about twenty percent of the births the cause is unknown.
The main cause is birth defects. About fifty to twenty percent o f stillborn babies have one or more birth defects. Almost all have chromosome abnormalities such as Down's syndrome. The death of baby can also be lined to conditions in the mother such as kidney disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. Death of a child can also be caused by umbilical cord problems such as a knot or blood clot. Another cause is placental abruption in which the placenta partially or totally peels away from the uterine wall before the baby can be delivered. Bacterial or viral infections involving the fetes or placenta (including genital or urinary tract infections) are a factor in about tent twenty five percent of stillbirths.
If you don't want to have a stillbirth you should also try to lose weight. Women who are obese are very much at an increased risk of having a stillborn baby.
It is rarely true that a mother can blame herself totally for a stillbirth unless she smoked, drank alcohol or used street drags during pregnancy. These are behaviours that can be changed by a mother to prevent a still born tragedy.
If you do lose a baby or know someone who does the worst thing you can do is pretend that it did not happen. It is very hurtful to the family when you do not acknowledge it. The baby is never far from our minds so don't be afraid to bring it up out fear of upsetting others. Talking about the dead baby can cause tears but it's good to get this grief out. A good friend is never scared of another friend's tears – especially in this case.