Dealing With Recession Worries

The recession is here and everyone is worried. Then as if the money worries are not enough some people also worry about everything from what others think to about their health. This is a big waste of time.
My opinion is that if 'the sky is going to fall it is going to fall and there is nothing that you can do about it.'
If you are chronically worrying then you are like a cigarette smoker. Your bad habit of worrying could be hurting your child too because insecurity can be contagious.
Worry is simply a negative habit that needs to be broken. Ninety seven percent of the things that we worry about simply never happen. Still with all the bad news on television about the economy it is hard not to be concerned.
Then there is the problem of knowing that something bad might happen because logic could dictate it so. In that case you need to get some coping skills.
If you can't change a particular problem then try forming a plan of action for how you will handle the situation. Tell yourself that you can handle anything. This also requires positive planning on your part.
Depression and anxiety are a waste of time. Especially if you are fussing over something over which you have no control.
To help eliminate worry from your life try the following
• Put your worries into two categories… those things you can control and those things that you have no control over. Let go of the things you can't control.
• Use the law of averages to try and decide how valid your worries are. What are the odds of the worst case scenario happening?
• Don't waste time making mountains out of molehills or giving power to trivial things.
• If money is the source of worry do something as interesting and productive as you can to improve it. The same thing goes for your health. Do not just sit there and worry. Go see a doctor.
• Analyze what it is your are worried about and define the cause of concern. What are all the possible alternatives to the problem. How can you put your plan into action.
• Live day to day and pull your mind out of the future.
If you are worryng about somehting very real that is sure to have a negative outcome then prepare yourself for the worst and accept it. Devote your time and energy to improving the end result for you.
• Keep active and busy. Worry is often the result of having too much time on your hands.
Hopefully this advice will help you get through until 20120 when they say this recession will finally be over for us all.