Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

Whether or not someone is an alcoholic can be a very sensitive topic. It can be hard to look at yourself in the mirror and be honest about whether or not you have a drinking problem.

Not sure if you have a drinking problem?
Take a minute to reflect on your life and ask yourself the following questions –
Do you feel disappointed or angry if you go to an event and there is no alcohol available?

Do you have trouble maintaining a relationship for any length of time?

Do you lose your temper all of the time?
Are hangovers and drunkenness preventing you from making it to work, spending time with your kids or saving money?

Are you in debt and you don't know why?

Do you drink alone or in secret?

Do you forget conversations or do others accuse you of repeating yourself?

Do you drink in secret or at odd times of the day or when you are alone?

Have you lost interest in hobbies, pastimes or favorite interests?

Do you have a few drinks and start quarreling?

Do you go to a bar every night?

Are you amazed by the way you can drink and drink and drink without getting drunk?

Are you unfaithful to your mate?

Do others say your personality changes when you drink?

Is everyone abandoning you, refusing to lend you money or socialize with you?

Do you have trouble meeting your commitments or responsibilities – especially financial ones?

Has your drinking sabotaged the completion of a major task or job at work, or home?

Are your kids and other family members avoiding you and you don't know why!

Have you continued to drink even though it is causing problems in a relationship and someone is asking you to stop

Do you have recurring legal problems as a result of drinking including fighting while drinking or being sued by landlords because you spent the rent on drinking

Do you drink and drive?

Are your loved ones actually threatening you with an intervention?

If you even answered yes to just two or three of these questions then it is likely you have a drinking problem.
According to information released by the World Health Organization a few years ago, alcoholism was one of the 10 biggest risks to health on a global basis.

In fact, in some developing countries, alcoholism was said to be the biggest single threat to health whereas in the industrialized West, it was the third biggest health risk!

Needless to say if you think that you or a loved one (such a teen or a spouse) had this problem then your entire family's safety and peace of mind is at risk.