Do Your Kids Have Fear of Flying?

Most kids are not born with a fear of flying but looking at footage of things like the 9/11 disaster gives them the idea. I blame a lot of the fear that kids have of flying on watching too much reality television in general.
The majority of children do not have a natural fear of flying, so unless your child has previously been involved in a flying situation that was traumatic or scary, it is likely that there is some other underlying reason if your child is scared of flying. In fact child psychologists say that many times the fear of flying has nothing at all to do with your kid's
Sometimes, children will have exactly the same scenario in their life as highlighted in the previous section of this report. Something bad happens in their life and they transferred the negative feelings about whatever it was that happened to flying.
For instance, in a modern world where divorce is becoming increasingly common, it is not especially unusual for children to have to fly from one estranged parent to visit the other. In this scenario, it is fairly obvious that the child involved will have mixed or negative emotions and not unnaturally, these negative emotions could very easily be transferred to the process of flying itself.
It is also a fact that children are often very well tuned to their parents emotions and feelings, so if you feel somehow upset or concerned about flying, it is quite likely that your children will feel exactly the same as a reflection of your psychological mien.
So, if your child starts to exhibit signs of being scared of flying, consider whether there is anything in the surrounding psychological situation that could be causing them to feel this way.
Air travel is a fact of modern life, something that even the youngest child now takes for granted. If you want to get from point A to point B, flying is generally the quickest option – sometimes the only option, especially if it involves overseas travel – and with prices at an all time low, anyone and everyone can fly nowadays.
This ability to jet off to all corners of the globe is one that has allowed people greater travel freedoms than they have ever had before, but for some, this freedom comes with a price tag attached. Not everyone is a good flyer, and certainly, not everyone actually enjoys flying.
For instance, whilst statistics compiled by the US Department of Transport suggest that flying is 29 times safer than travelling in an automobile, many people are simply terrified of getting on a plane ever.
If you want your kid to be okay psychologically on a plane just explain the odds of an accident happening in plain English. This should allay the fears that have been instilled in the kid by the media.