Does Your Kid Have Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

Are you the parent of a difficult contrary child who is a bully? Oppositional Defiant Disorder or ODD s the diagnosis often given when a child displays an ongoing pattern of noncompliant, aggressive and defiant behavior toward teachers, parents or any authority figure. In short it means your child is a compulsive bully!

Kids with ODD display a hostility and contrariness goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. Children who have this disorder appear disobedient and angry, even exasperated over very minor or simple requests. Common behaviors include relentless fits of anger, temper tantrums and angry outbursts, and contempt for authority. Some children with ODD will even become violent with their parents. Mothers who have children diagnosed as ODD report that more often than not, requests are met with arguments that go on forever. Whenever bad things happen, everyone else is too blame. Physical fighting is common among children with ODD and their siblings. Nothing is ever fair, and children with ODD are often jealous, resentful and seek active revenge against other children who are somehow showing them up. For instance, the brother who beats up a sister may be doing it because she got an A and he got an A minus. In fact, a kid with this disorder needs very little motivation to become angry, hen pecking and incredibly violent.

In order for a child to meet the criteria for an official diagnoses ODD the child's behaviors must cause significant stress and difficulty for the family academic progress must be stalled. The oppositional behaviors must persist for an extended period of time, at least six months. In this case the doctor will look at all the factors and often prescribe medications that sadly, may or may not improve the situation.

Although there is no single cause for ODD, doctors suggest that a mix of genetic and environmental factors can cause the behavior . Developmental delays, natural temperament and unbalanced brain chemicals are often at fault. Abuse, neglect and overly harsh discipline can also create a child that is predisposed to ODD.

The most successful treatment for ODD has been behavioral therapy for the family. That's right. The family. That is because the family is often rewarding these negative behaviors. Group workshops with the kid and the family are often successful at allaying the problem as well. Often behavioral modification is more successful than other ways when it comes to solving these problems.