Does Your Nanny Object to the Nanny Cam?

You might have found the perfect nanny or live in couple s and then gone ahead and hired the individual or pair of caretakers that you want to take care of your kids Of course installing that nanny camera (as mentioned in the previous blog) is probably something that you might want to do. You can watch your kids from any laptop – even at work. This gives you a great sense of security and peace.

A lot of people who hire nannies or any kind of live in help just write it into their contract.  You need to specify the locations or you could get into legal trouble. However not all nannies or people who respond to your live in couple jobs are happy with the idea of being spied on.

So what do you do if you find the perfect couple or live in nanny and there is an objection to the nanny cam that you were thinking of using? You could even lose the perfect nanny because of this.  It is time to explain why you would want such a device in the first place and the reason is not negative.

Your first question should be 'Why?'  Ask the nanny directly what she is afraid that you will see. It may be a very simple reason such as just feeling very self-conscious or on edge at being watched all the time or has a genine need for privacy. Let's face it. Nobody likes being watched.

Another reason that your help may object to the cameras is that they might make her feel like you don't trust her. Not many people want to work for someone who has no faith in them.

At this point it might be good to explain that it is not so much about not trusting her but because you miss them during the day. This is a particularly effective argument if you are away for long periods of time and your children are quite young. It is completely understandable that you would want a cam if your nanny is looking after an infant. 

Yet another justification for the nanny cam is quite simply that having a video. I taped  record of everything simply prevents any misunderstandings. Explain to the nanny that it is protective of her as well. Many nannies will simply accept these reasons for having the cam and agree to let you have one.

If the nanny really protests and you cannot make arrangements to have her under surveillance you may have to move onto the next person to be hired or opt to not inform candidates that they will be under surveillance in the first place.