Does Your Son Have Man Boobs?

Do you have a teenage son with man boobs? It's amazing how hormones can wreck your kid's self-esteem.
This is condition is incredibly distressing for a young man. There is a ton of information on the internet about this information and some of it is quite bogus. For instance when I started looking for how to fix this I kept seeing all these humiliating ads about herbs for mambos. Just so you guys and moms out there know –there is not a single herb or supplement that you can take that will help you lose this excess breast tissue!
The fastest way to get rid of this problem is to just go to the doctor and him why your son might these inappropriate feminine characteristics in the first place. Most of the time the problem is caused by some kind of hormone imbalance. Usually there is too much testosterone being produced and this in turn produces a compensating amount of estrogen to be produced as well. The doctor may prescribe hormones to try and help reduce the tissue that is growing in the chest area. Teenage boys are most certainly the most vulnerable to all of this.
However as you may have guessed taking hormones may not be the quickest way to get rid of growing man breasts. The human body needs time to heal. The very quickest way to lose man breasts probably is to get prescribed hormones but they won't produce a miracle. No amount of wishful thinking by buying into bogus solutions is going to do it either. Basically you can conclude that when it comes to how to lose man breasts fast there is no quick way to do it.
Doctors say that aerobic exercise can . It is the fastest way to increase the metabolism and work off any calorie excesses that might be causing eextra chest fat on ythe r rib cage.
Your doctor may recommend certain medications or hormone injections to try and encourage the breasts to disappear alone. However the main treatment for male boobs is to get on a diet that encourages physical fitness and to lose weight through working out.
You should also not expect there to be miracles overnight. It means getting your kid up off the couch. It is important that you work let him work out at his own pace and be patient. Working out too much may even make the problem worse by stimulating unnecessary hormonal activity. Be practical and persistent and the weight will come right off and with it the excess chest fat.