Don’t Raise Fat Kids

If you have a fat kid you are not about to do society any favors. I just read some very disturbing statistics about how obese people in our culture just become one big burden to society.
Our populations are getting bigger and so our are kids! Coincidentally are kids are getting bigger and bigger, especially when it comes to growing sideway.
According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination that was done in the United States in 2004 a whopping two thirds of kids in the United States were overweight and nearly one third in total of those surveyed could be classified as clinically obese.
I am here to say this is not okay! Being that fat is an ethical issue! Why create such an unnecessary load on our health system. As little kids grow up to get fatter. As people get fatter and fatter, our health system gets strained and then these health systems reach the breaking point.
If you are obese you have a moral obligation to do something about it. Health systems all over the way are already starting to turn away people who are ruining their health on purpose by smoking. There is now the question of how fat people might be just as bad as smokers.
If you know somebody who is overweight you might want to point out to them that they may not be able to receive treatment for any conditions that they bring on themselves in the near future. This is because many systems simply cannot afford to take care of people who don't know how to take care of themselves. Part of self-care is managing your weight simply because weight gain leads to all kinds of chronic and even lethal health conditions that require medical treatment in a hospital or long term treatment.
The same thing goes for your kids. You do not want them being turned away from hospitals in the future because you raised them to think fat was okay.
Many people put off the task of losing weight because they feel that their problem is too big to deal with. It can also be really hard to put your kid on a diet. I know because I have tried many times.
The risks in undergoing serious medical treatment are much higher for overweight individuals so if you want your kid to be rich, make sure he is skinny too! It's not just a cliché!