Dressing Babies for the Cold

When it comes to winter clothes I never seem to be ahead of the game. I think I have it figured out and then it becomes so obvious that I don't when I look out the window and finally see snow.
I have indoor wear all covered, from sleep clothing to walk-around clothing to meal add-ons, along with sturdy footwear for the special moments when the child begins to walk. I have all the necessary outfits to slap on when it's time for a walk in the stroller. However it seems that winter always catches me off guard. Sooner or later it will be time to dress your baby for winter.
It's important to keep your baby cozy and warm but when are you going overboard when it comes to swaddling your kids clothing. So when is it too warm? When is it not enough and when is it too cold?
The bottom line is your baby will be feeling the same things you do. I dress my baby like I would dress to go outside and then add a thin layer more. I always check the temperature on the radio of television or the Net and you try to look ahead for possible changes (this is especially important to remember if you live in a wildly fluctuating weather zone, as exists in Colorado or parts of western Canada). Then you dress accordingly…
It is probably a good idea to avoid swaddling the kid in too much clothing. A baby that is too hot can get just a sick as one that is too cold. The baby can be compared to an engine that is overheating
The key to all of this is layering. I put a t-shirt on the baby, then another thinner shirt, then a sweatshirt and then a fleecy shirt. I also have an extra wool blanket on hand just in case it really gets cold. I also make sure that the baby's head is covered as like adults, babies lose heat through their heads. The same goes for his or her little fingers. The toes should also be swaddle up nicely. If the baby is too young for boots make sure that he or she is wearing an extra pair of warm socks.
If you're traveling in the car through snow, a good thing to keep in mind is that perhaps you dressed down a bit because you know you're not going to be in the cold for long before you're in a warm car. Good, then dress the child down as well. If you're really worried about it, bring along extra clothing but don't use it just yet. Wait until you get a clear signal from the child that it's too cold, and then start piling on the extra layers!