Drugs Don’t Get Rid of Yeast

When it comes to getting rid of yeast infections forever prescription drugs do not work. They might work for a day or two at eliminating your symptoms but then you have to buy more drugs to treat the symptoms
Drugs are pushed on us every day. The promise is that we will get better as long as we keep on using them. The trouble is I have never had a yeast infection cured this way.
The problem is that these drugs do not heal you. If anything they cause the candida yeast to multiply in your body. If anything these antibiotics feed this yeast in the long run by creating acidic conditions in your body.
Taking a prescription drug for a yeast infection is just like putting a band aid on a wound for open heart surgery. This treats the symptoms of the problem only.
To get rid of the yeast, you need something that eliminates yeast! Not just the infection caused by the yeast!
There are many comparable medical conditions that are also treated by drugs that hook the patients on them for years on end.
A great example is Xanax. It is used to treat anxiety but it does not treat the underlying cause of the anxiety. Once the thought that triggers the anxiety is removed through a non drug treatment like psychotherapy, which is natural and safe compared to taking brain altering chemicals, the person is usually okay.
Yet another example is insulin. Insulin is not the cure for diabetes. It treats the symptoms of diabetes but not the real cause which is high blood sugar.
The same thing happens with antibiotics. They are simply impossible to cure.
Perhaps you can relate to the fact that I started avoiding sex. Sexual intercourse was frightening. There was itching, burning and I would feel like I had to urinate even if I didn't.
Then I had a fear of disgusting my partner with the smell and appearance of the vaginal discharge. The smell was often fishy and very unpleasant.
There was also the pain, before during and after sexual relations with my husband. I soon began to avoid sex. My partner started to think it was him. It wasn't. It was simply that I was ashamed of how unattractive I felt.
After suffering from yeast infections for a year and half I finally woke up and realized these antibiotics were not working. I had been in the vicious cycle of getting them treated with antibiotics and then I finally got an infection where the symptoms could not be allayed at all!
I was prescribed several rounds of antibiotics and NO type of antibiotic worked when it came to getting rid of the pain. That I just live with. That is why I would do just about anything to avoid getting one of these again.
I have had great success with taking a combination of apple cider vinegar and simply staying away from starchy foods. Eliminating tobacco, white flour products and sugar for a while also helps stay these pesky infections off. Still I realize I might have to make even more lifestyle changes to get rid of the yeast for good.