Eating Healthy is Socially Responsible

Staying healthy is the morally right thing to do! Our health systems are overburdened enough. You want to train your kids to eat healthy so they do not end up being burdens on the system as well.
First of all you may or may not be one of the more than 45 million Americans without health insurance.
Part of saving our own money and also not becoming a further burden on the health system is addressing the lifestyle factors that cause these chronic diseases. These approaches are both medically effective and cost effective, thereby improving your life quality while at the same reducing the burden of health care costs on society in general.
Heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and obesity account for 75 percent of health care costs today, and yet these are largely preventable and even reversible through the very simple changes in diet and lifestyle addressed in this book.
How effective are lifestyle changes when it comes to your health? The medical journal called The Lancet, followed 30,000men and women in six continents and found that simple dietary lifestyle changes could prevent over 90 percent of cases heart disease. Thus, the disease that accounts for more premature deaths and is more expensive than any other affliction is almost completely preventable.
Also notable is that the very same lifestyle changes that can prevent or even reverse heart disease can also help prevent or even reverse many other chronic diseases as well.
The key is food. You are what you put in your mouth and you are only as good as what you ingest. The world is starting to finally really awaken to this fact.
In this book, you’ll find more than mere information; you’ll find practical guidance for how to use that information to become a better, more effective, more socially conscious human being.
After the completion of the fast you are left with more balanced blood sugar and freedom from old addictions. You will hopefully be onto a newer and healthier routine that includes the balancing of your blood sugar, weight loss and freedom from addictions.