Encouraging Curiosity in Your Child

One way to increase your kid's intelligence is to encourage them to become more curious about life.
Once you get a clue about the kinds of things that your child is interested in you can encourage them to pursue those activities.
For instance, if your child has a noticeable interest in listening to music then it is a good idea to buy a musical instrument. This will help that child understand that he or she can create music as well.
If your child has a great love of drawing you can buy crayons and a paper pad so that they can explore that talent. This helps your child understand that exploring the creative realms that the brain is capable of does not have to be a big chore.
If your child loves to read then make sure that he or she has that library card as this is one of the strongest indicators that he or she could do very well on a test. Reading out loud to a very young child is also a very good idea when it comes to enhancing intelligence.
You should also not overlook the value of exercise when it comes to mental development. An activity like running enables them to make decisions at the right time and also develop hand and eye coordination. This works because when it comes to mental development a healthy body can inform the mind as much as the mind can inform the body.
Playing video games is also a great activity, especially ones that demand that your child use logic and make fast decisions. Video games are good for the reflexes and also help your child strategize.
As long as the activity is constructive you should allow your child to do the thing that they most want to do because this inevitably helps them develop their cognitive abilities and concentration.
Don't overdo it!
Everything in moderation also applies to being attentive to your child. Paying too much attention is the equivalent of being a meddling stage mother and if your child picks up on this you could run into some trouble. Kids that feel mauled by too much attention may start pushing you and the brain enhancing activities that you are trying to promote away!
In your enthusiasm to help your child you need to make sure that you do not overwhelm him or her. Do not ask him or her to do too many things. It is okay to introduce them to a few things at a time and gradually tries to figure out what it is that your child enjoys doing most.
Even if you think you pushing a lot of activities on your child for the child's own good realize that you may be setting the kid up for failure. The kid may take on the activities to try and please you and then become depressed when he or she cannot keep up with your demands.