Even More Free Ways to Have Fun with Kids

In the last few blogs we have been discussing ways to have fun with kids without spending money; interestingly many of these types of activities are very healthy for your relationship with your child as they are also very bonding. They also require more creativity then just sitting in front of the television.

One way to entertain very young children is to simply mix up some bubble solution and blow bubbles. Young children also love playing with clay or play dough. You can make your own play dough out of flour and water.

Most kids are old enough to understand the principles behind scrap booking. Give them a subject and ask them to create a scrapbook devoted to it. Teach them how to press flowers and make simple cards and book marks.

You can also get them to decorate their own T-shirts or other clothing using markers, glitter and fabric paints. Creative kids really enjoy making collages and jeweler out of macaroni. Spray paint it gold to make it extra glamorous for the kids to work with.

Another great project for kids is to decorate the front sidewalks with chalk drawings or to decorate the side of flowerpots with paints. You can also teach them how to grow rudimentary plant cuttings or how to grow an avocado from scratch in water.

Many cities and towns have free concerts in their towns and parks. Going out to socialize with others and listen to free performances is a very good thing to do with any child of any age.

If health is a concern then consider going to Yoga class with your child. Many kids also really enjoy being taken to the beach or on a stroll through the forest. Many local parks have real hikes that have educational postings for children.

Washing the family car together can turn into a fun project, especially if you can turn the whole venture into a water fight.

If you have a kid who is less physically oriented then consider teaching him or her different card games or playing Scrabble or Yahtzee together. Hanged man is also a good game for this type of child to learn.

An older child might be interested in helping to design a family website. There are many templates online that make this quite easy. If your teen is old enough help him or her put together a great facebook or myspace page.