Exercise Boost the Immune System

The importance of enhancing your immune system in your fight against flus and colds cannot be overstated. Kids with healthy immune symptoms simply get sick less.
Everyone knows that taking regular exercise is good for your overall health and it therefore follows that taking regular exercise also benefits your immune system too.
After all, if by taking regular exercise, you improve your energy levels and your muscle strength, it naturally follows that those improvements will be reflected throughout your body.
As an example, 30 minutes of reasonably brisk walking 3 or 4 times a week is going to strengthen your heart, lungs and all of the major muscle groups in the lower half of the body at the same time.
At the same time, exercise helps to optimize your digestive system, meaning that less harmful toxins and bacteria will lodge in your gut as the process of peristalsis (passing the food and then waste materials through your system) gradually becomes increasingly efficient.
Toxins and harmful bacteria ‘stuck' in your system can often be one of the reasons why your general, all-round health suffers and such poor health is often reflected in poor skin quality as well. Take this to its logical conclusion and with poor quality skin (and blood circulation), you have exactly the right kind of breeding ground for staph bacteria to thrive on your skin.'
one of my favorite ways of taking exercise is by taking the stairs whenever possible instead of using an elevator or even an escalator. I do this as part of my normal daily working routine, and even when there are several flights of stairs to be climbed, it never takes more than a minute or two to complete the climb.
After all, the elevator hardly ever arrives the minute you press the button so you can be halfway up the stairs by the time it does eventually make an appearance.
There is nothing sadder than a ten year old that does not have time to exercise. It's pathetic because it happens all the time. Even if you don't have 30 minutes available four times a week to go for a brisk walk, there are plenty of different ways you can find the time in any average day for enough exercise for your immune system to benefit. I make this a game with my kids when we are out.
Don't let you or your kids fall into the 'I don't have enough time for exercise' trap! What you have to change that to is 'I don't have enough time to get the flu!'