Fight Acne With Galvanic Skin Gadgets

Do you have 'difficult skin?' How about your teenager? Does it always embarrass you just before a big job interview or important date? Is your teenager hiding in his or her room with attitude problems?

Does your skin misbehave by –
• Breaking out into blackheads, pimples or acne with no notice
• Failing to absorb expensive creams
• Look inflamed or puffy (especially around the eyes)
• Giving you a black rim around your eyes that makes you look like a raccoon
• Develop jowls
• Developing creases and wrinkles
• Looking saggy
• Sporting a dirty or flaky looking texture
• Having enlarged pores
• Boasting an unattractive grey or pale tone?

If so then you can be helped by a galvanic ionic facial massager such as the Fyola massager. This is brand new technology from Japan that is a cross between an ultrasound wand and an ionic facial massager. The ultrasound conducts a mild electrical current that helps gently exfoliate the surface of the skin, increase circulation (which brings healing blood to the surface of the skin so that toxins and bacteria can be whisked away) and gently exfoliates it.

This gadget is not just for teens. It is also for moms. The ionic galvanizing component creates a polarity of energy that draws water away from the skin and helps flush away impurities. The end result is a less fatty, jowled look and a more attractive sculpted look to your face.

For instance if your goal is to massage and clean your face then select an electronic wave mode. This helps remove the waste beneath your skin. This cleansing mold dissolves dirt, oils and other debris on the skin. The nutrition mode on the unit helps massage products deep into the dermis of your skin tissues. This ensures that the product is absorbed and utilized by your skin.

For best results move the massager around in circles on your skin. This will help lift, nourish and whiten your skin efficiently. After using the massager you should always wash your face as it is likely there will be dead skin cells flaking on the surface of it. You should then clean the treatment head of the massager with tissue to prevent bacteria growing on it.

All of this positive change can be accomplished simply by using the unit for five to ten minutes a day!