Fix Up Dry Hair and Skin

We are now coming up to that time of year when it is much easier to get dry hair and dry skin. The sun parches our skin and makes it dry and flaky. Chlorine from salt or swimming in the summer turns our hair into straw. We make it worse being busy moms because so often we are caught off guard and out of doors chasing around a kid.

You can use moisturizing creams and sunscreen but sometimes what a tired mom really needs is a trip to the spa. However with no spa affordable or available you can also take a trip to your kitchen to find remedies for our dry hair and skin. I

f dry hair is the problem then you might want to wear an avocado hair mask. As this vegetable has a high protein and fat content it has the ability to moisturize and tame frizzy locks. 

To make your own recipe for this type of leave on hair conditioner all you need is half of a peeled ripe avocado, one egg and two tablespoons of wheat germ oil. If you don't have any wheat germ oil you can substitute olive or castor oil instead. Once you have all of the above ingredients dump them in a big bowl and mash everything together until it is smooth. You can put it in the blender to make it extra smooth if you want. Next you are going to apply this mixture to your head. It is not very drippy if you have made it right. Massage the mixture into your hair starting from the dry ends and working your way up to your scalp.  Once it is all applied cover your head with a plastic bag or shower cap and leave it on for thirty minutes. 

For an extra effective treatment wrap a towel that has been soaked in hot water and then wrung out around your head. After the thirty minutes are done rinse out the mix and then shampoo this mixture out. Doing this cheap and therapeutic treatment for dry and damaged hair at least once a week will help restore your hair to its former glory. 

If your skin is really dry and scaly, especially on your feet, knees and elbows then you can make yourself an easy scrub out of coffee, sugar and vanilla. This not only will smell like you are in a spa but the results will be spectacular because coffee, sugar and vanilla all qualify as being powerful antioxidants and exfoliators. To make this scrub all you need is a quarter cup of olive oil, one teaspoon of  REAL artificial extract, one cup of sugar and a half a cup of freshly ground coffee grinds. If the dry skin on your feet is really rough you can also consider adding some course Kosher salt to the mix. Combine all of the ingredients into a small bowl and then mix it all together until you create a thick paste. Then, while you are in shower, take the mixture in scrub it in circular motions all over your body to soften and moisturize it.

Pay special attention to your elbows and knees and keep it away from your face. Rinse and follow with a gentle shower gel to remove excess residue.  Doing this twice a week will give you smooth and luscious skin.