Gadgets Teens Want for Christmas

Here is a rundown of the top gadgets that every teenager is going to want for Christmas this year.
If your kid does not have an iPod yet its time. Every kid in the world has one by now so it is time for you to get with the program so your kid is not so uncool! Music is important to children and a real must-have. You can choose from many varieties and with different size, capacity and price ranges so there is no reason that your child should not own one. They are cheap now.
Also big on a teen's wish list is a laptop or notebook. It is best if the laptop has enough power to play games. It is also a good idea to supplement this gift include external hard drives so that your child has space to store videos, photos and music. Yet another good addition to your child's wish list of software is a pair of headphones. This is a gift for yourself as well as it helps keep your home peaceful.
Most kids secretly want a Nintendo DS. It is a dual screen handheld game console with the bottom one being a touch screen. It has a built in microphone and a WiFi connection to interact with each other within short range. This is also not a very expensive gadget to own. Teens also like the Game-boy Advance which is similar to the Nintendo entertainment system but more complicated.
You might also want to investigate getting your kid a PS3/ With its crazy advanced technology, Giga-bit Ethernet and a pre-installed hard disk drive, this is any teens most sought after toy. Other than playing those top of the line games you can also watch movies on DVD. I must admit once I got my son one of these I became really fascinated with playing games on it.
If you really want to make a kid's Christmas a great one get him or her cell phone. This is another gadget that teens want badly. And those who already managed a device want a better model that has internet capabilities and can take pictures. Make sure that it has a keyboard because not only are teens crazy about texting each other but it is also a lot cheaper if they text rather than make phone calls. So the cell phone is the cheaper choice to make if you are planning to buy your teenager just one gadget.
Kids also love digital cameras, but ultimately you could get away with getting them a cell phone with a digital camera in it and save some money!