Good Advice to Pass On to Your Kids

Many of us are good parents but we rarely tell kids about the psychological side of life. There are many things we need to tell them so that they live emotionally and mentally healthy lives that can help them accomplish their life goals.

Always remind your child that they are only human and less than perfect. Most people who try hard do not always get things right. Teach your kid to forgive him or she as troubled people often have terrible inner critics that make them fearful of getting things done in life.

It is also important to teach your kid to not hold grudges and let go of the past. If you are unable to let go you cannot move on. You will stay stuck in the time and place where you were offended and this is no way to live.

It is also important to tell your children to 'tell yourself the truth.' People who are deluded do not get things done. People should also try to be realistic and make promises to themselves and others that they can really keep.

Another nugget of wisdom is to tell your children to take life one day at a time. Most situations did not take a day to get into and there is no sense thinking that you will get out of it in a day. Be aware of how snarls in life happen and realistic about your time-lines for problem solving.

Teaching your child to keep records to keep track of progress is also a good idea. This is part of being good to yourself and not straining your brain by being disorganized. It is so important to make daily goals and keep track of your progress every day.

Tell your child that he or she is what they think. They must think the right thoughts because if you do not you can't speak the right words. Think of yourself as a person of strength and commitment and you will be.

It is also important to teach your child to say no. It is no good to be a people-pleaser. People like to keep us where they find us. They are reluctant to have us change because if we do, they have to do. When friends or family constantly remind you of your weaknesses or flaws it is time to tell them that you are going to change.

It is also important to pass on the idea that if you do say that you will do something that you will do it. That will not only have you believing in yourself but others will believe in you too!