Gowns for Flower Girls

Wedding season is going to be coming up soon which means that you might have a little one who is invited to a wedding. This means that you might have to buy your little flower girl a gown to wear to wedding. Thankfully there are some really beautiful dresses for little girls out there on the market. There are a plethora of styles but some designers make ones that are truly contemporary, sweet and impressive

Beautiful bridal outfits for girls are sold on etsy. One seller makes gowns of tulle in any color you want, including peach, pink, white, lime green and bright blue. These are basically giant ballerina skirts that are topped with big fake flowers at the bodice. You can also get just a skirt and have your child wear a comfortable T-shirt with it to be more of a casual ballerina style flower girl.

Flowers by Odyssey makes incredible heavy satin dresses for little girls. These are in oyster, chocolate and gold satin and are floor length, sleeveless and very tasteful. Some of them are tied with giant sashes with bows or decorated with one huge bow which is a huge trend in bridesmaid dresses right now.

If you love the look of snow white then you will love the OfDresses white chiffon and satin A line dress that in a crisp blue white that is rimmed with giant red flower petals at the bottom and tied with a big satin ribbon punctuated with a big red bow on the back.

Jorma is a company that also makes absolutely beautiful and very inexpensive strapless white flower girl dresses banded by gold and rip strips with lace up bodices tied with ribbons up the back. These dresses have an empire waist which is very cool in the summer and comfortable for a little girl to wear.

A little more expensive is the floral taffeta dress made by Baby discovery. This is a sleeveless dress with big pink roses on a white background that has a rose underslip and a giant rose colored sash. Great for a garden or outdoor wedding!
One of the hottest colors in little girl bridal dresses is deep purple! If you surf online you can find all kinds of beautiful and affordable styles with the most popular being a strapless style with a lots of pinning and ruching in a grape purple chiffon. This is the kind of dress for the little girl who is an individual and who wants to stand out.