Great Make-Up Advice for Mommies

Let's face it if you are a mom you do not want to look too glam, too slutty or too over-the-top. For one thing it can teach your kids all the wrong things about what people value in life you do not want to make it all about appearances. This is why parenting experts say you should minimize the amount of make-up you wear if you are a mommy.

So the point is to keep yourself looking good by wearing a minimum of make-up but if you must wear a lot of make-up then at least make it look like you are not. Studies have shown too that people who wear a lot of make-up look more hostile.

Most moms look a little tired so it is a good thing to use concealer. You can just dot it on wherever you have redness or blemishes and then maybe use a bit of light moisturizer and powder. This should give you the glow you need without having that 'mask-of-foundation' look that is more suitable for raising a child.

You also should not wear a lot of glitter on your face, unless your baby finds it amusing or it is something you are doing with your kids. If you are going to get out the disco glitter then make sure your kids share in the fun too. They love applying sparkles to their faces. Too much sheen can make you look a bit immature – a lot of glisten is more associated with teenagers.

Never underestimate the power of the plain face that is dressed with neutrals. Make sure that you are using simple glosses and neutral colors on your lips, eyes and cheeks. Forget going too dark and heavy. Black eyeliner and a lot of mascara can look almost clown like in the day. The same thing goes for bright red lipstick.

Sometimes it is possible to go too pink as well. Some colors look immature because they look too much like bubblegum or Barbie.

Yet another thing about wearing too much make-up is that it can sometimes smell. Sometimes it has a lot of fragrance in it and it can make your children sneeze or give them headaches.

Another good reason not to wear make-up is that it can get all messy and get in the way of your kids kissing you. You do not want to spend time redoing your make-up all day just because your kid decides to give you a big smooch.