Hairstyles for Little Girls

What is a little girl without a bow in her hair? The simplest hairdo is simply done by gathering some hair at the top of her head and using a clip or ponytail holder to secure it. Then to get really fancy I simply clip a big beautiful bow over this. Sometimes I put something more interesting in her hair like a big flower! This makes her look very cute. I try to put something in her hair that will match her dress. As she grows older I will probably put smaller bows in her hair so that she looks more dainty.
The pony tails is absolutely classic. It looks best if you gather all your girl's hair and brush it until smooth. It also keeps her neat looking for school.
You can also change the look of a ponytail by changing the part. A center part is classic but a side part can look very elegant as well. If you really want to jazz up a ponytail have your little girl wear a decorative band as well. You can get 'kits' in drug and dollar stores that feature both the bands and matching bows in one package.
As a rule of thumb the shorter the hair the higher the pony tail has to be. Very long hair makes a nice low pony tail. This style is easy to maintain as well.
You can take a ponytail and make an easy French twist simply by taking the hanging hair and twisting it. You will need to use another ponytail holder and secure the second portion of her hair. Repeat the step above till this second section is flipped through the second gap. Loop some more sections. Secure it with a band at the end of the section.
A pony tail is also easily turned into a bun. This works great for long hair. Brush her hair neatly and gather it on top of her head. Use the band to secure it around the bun. You can even let some hair stick out of the bun to have a casual look.
Remember to use some cool accessories for little girls such as little brets or additional elastics as this will make most ponytails look even more uniuqe. This would also help to keep the hair in place. Remember to keep it simple, as most little girls would prefer to be comfortable throughout the day and you don't want them distracted by maintaining their hair at school.
Always avoid the use of hot curling irons that may harm the gentle hair. If you want to give hair a little bounce use steam rollers or rag twist curlers made out of fabric instead.