Hands Free Tech for Moms

If you are a busy mommy you might want to investigate one of the handsfree headsets that are available. You can connect them to your cell phone so you can move around and talk to anyone you want while wrangling your babies and toddler. It also allows you to be in close proximity to your hubby.
It is not such a bad idea to go handsfree anyway mostly because it is now against the law in most countries to drive while holding a cell phone. You may now only use a handsfree device like a Bluetooth headset in order to drive a car. Add screaming children in the back seat to the equation and you get the idea.
You can expect to pay about forty five bucks or more for a really good Bluetooth handset. These are also become more technologically sophisticated every day.
My kids are always screaming so I got a Jawbone II. The Jawbone II is a noise elimination technology that has been developed to block out unwanted sounds. It is a very stylish looking Bluetooth headset with sensors in it that actually allows you to distinguish your voice from background noise. It is stylish black rubber and was created with athletes in mind as it is both water and sweat resistant. Perhaps that is why it works so well for me. It prevents me from being covered with too many bodily fluids.
Another stylish black headset is the JayBird JB-200 which does more than just make phone calls. It is designed for music lovers and Bluetooth cell phones and when you play it you can listen to streaming stereo music at the same time. It too is water and sweat resistant but a little bit expensive at $130.00.
Setting up a Bluetooth Headset with cell phone is pretty easy. The procedure is called pairing and there is always a salesman around to give you advice about this. The pairing steps often differ from phone to phone so you need to consult the set up guides that came with your phone to verify that your steps will work. All in all it should only take about five minutes or less to pair up your phone with the exactly right type of headset.
Before pairing you should make sure that you have a Bluetooth compatible phone in the first place. Most phones are as it is considered a standard feature but if you are using an older phone this may not be the case.
You should also make sure that your phone is charged before you try pairing it with a Bluetooth device or the pairing with the headset will not work. Usually it is simply a matter of turning on your phone's Bluetooth feature by setting up the connection between headset and phone. This typically means navigating to a screen where you can adjust the settings right on the cell phone menu. It is not a big deal at all and even as a busy mommy I was able to do it all by myself.