High Tech Stuff For New Moms

I don't really have time to explore new gadgets and in fact I have usually found that taking the time to learn how a new gadget works can eat up my time. However there are some that are definitely useful out there on the market.
However my girlfriend bought the Portable Video and Sounds Monitor by Bebe Sounds. This is a wireless system that can be had for only about two hundred bucks. It is small, hand held and has crystal clear audio and video – the clearest I have ever seen. The image on the screen is also color which is not like the usual black and white ones found on the internet so you can really get an idea of what is going on. You can also use up to four lenses with this system so there are four channels on the monitor.
Bebe Sounds has another great invention. It is called the Remote Fever Monitor which measures the baby's body temperature at all times. You simply attach it to your baby's diaper but so that it is also against the skin and if your baby should happen to develop a fever the remote's alarm goes off. No more waiting for someone to get really sick before you discover the fever.
Easidream is another neat system. Babies that think they are still in the womb sleep better and cry less. This is a handy mom’s helper that attempts to replicate the conditions of the womb in your baby’s cot. It consists of a pneumatic system that can gently move the cot mattress, plus a sound-and-light module. The rocking motion and the teddy bear that you clip over the mattress helps keep your baby secure and calm. Of course this type of product does not really come with any type of guarantee. What works to keep one kid calm at night may not work on another.
Does your baby start yelling every time you wipe him or her down with a cold disposable wipe. The key is to warm them up so they have nothing to scream about. Everfresh makes a unit called the Ultimate Wipes Warmer which comes with something called an EverFresh system that stops bacteria from growing on them…
Do you really hate mixing in those dirty diapers with your family's washing? If so then you might want to consider buying an Avanti Mini Personal Washing Machine. This washer might be the thing for you because it allows you to be eco-friendly without having to risk tainting of the rest of your clothes with baby do do. This little washer sits on top of a table top and it also helps you get rid of the smelly diaper pail. All in all this makes life much more hygienic.