How Single Moms Sabotage Their Dating Potential

If you are a single and starting to date you might be facing a number of what can only be described as 'pitfalls' while you are trying to date. The good news is that many of these drawbacks can easily be overcome or even turned to your advantage just by changing your attitude and being more organized.

If you are a single parent and you have found yourself suddenly single, you might be delaying the whole thing. However there comes a time when you must abandon your fears and start participating in the sexy dance of life again. Stop wallowing in your isolation, put down the fattening midnight containers of ice cream and start making definitive proactive movements towards finding yourself a date.

A lot of single parents fear rejection, just as people without children do. They also fear rejection because they come 'with baggage.' The thing to do is to accept right now that some people are simply not going to want to be with you exactly because you do have kids and these are the people you need to 'get past' in order to find the person you really should be with.

Some people may delay dating simply because they think it will somehow upset the children. Usually this is more of a fear than a reality. You should never put off what you want to do with your life because of what a child thinks because that means the child is in control of your destiny –not you!

Many single parents have trouble making ends meet and taking care of their kids at the same time. Many work two jobs or go to school and work and simply do not have the time to go online actively looking for dates. If this is the case it is time to start looking like dating like it is a third part-time job and make time for it. Devote yourself to it by giving up something so that you are able to do this and move forward or unfortunately, you could remain single for the rest of your life.

Many single parents also experience financial problems. They feel they cannot afford the clothes, make-up or dinners that often go along with dating. This is where it might be wise to stop waiting for the day when you are rolling in money and accept that you need to find someone who will 1) like the way you look without make-up and 2) settle for a picnic in the park over a dinner in an expensive five star restaurant.

Yet another issue that this affects is whether or not you can hire child care. If you cant afford babysitters in can be hard to schedule dates. In fact hiring family members, such as your ex to look after your kids, is partly how clashes between him or her and someone you are dating are allowed to happen.