I Like School Uniforms

I am not big on private schools and I have always preferred public school education. However my husband's ex sends her kids to private school. I must admit that I do see the benefits after seeing how her two daughters are thriving by attending one.. First of all there is the smaller class size which is good and there also appears to be more after school activities and programs in the arts.
There is however a lack of ethnicity and culture in the private school that you do find in the public school. For me that wipes out all of the rest because I do not want my children being thrown into the real world after living in some kind of ivory tower.
However I do wish my daughters had to wear the school uniforms like they do in private schools. The children just look so orderly and cute even if they do try to slut it up with stockings and lip gloss. Also I like the school uniforms because it gets rid of the cost of having to outfit your kid for school which can be very expensive . I also like the idea of just throwing two outfits into the washer all the time.
Another reason I like them is because they remind me of when I was young and used to wear them to public school. It was a Catholic school which is why it was mandatory. This reminds me of my own schooldays when life was very simple. I don't like the way kids today look like little versions of burlesque dancers or like little lawyers. Or even worse yet – like gang members with baggy pants and big gold blings slung around their necks.
One thing I do like about the school uniforms is that they promote an atmosphere of learning. They also put every single student on the same plane. You are judged by your intellect and personality rather than by your good looks or what kind of clothes you are wearing. Any mom who has dealt with a crying teen knows the benefits of that. Yes, uniforms can definitely relieve some of the peer pressure to wear Crocs or a certain type of eyeshadow to look cool. Also in that regard your child is less prey to being picked on by a clique or being accused of 'not fitting in.' Everyone fits in when you are all forced to be wearing the same thing every day.
I am not a prude in any way but I kind of wish the dress code for public schools would be a bit stricter. I would not mind if they banned things like strapless tops or mini skirts that are too short. I also don't like seeing young girls wearing a lot of makeup or things like stay up steamed stockings that could make them attractive to older male predators. There are a lot of creeps out there.
I asked my hubby's ex how she could afford the uniforms and she says that she tries to buy them used. These private schools also sometimes hold swap meets where you can trade uniforms that fit different kids.'
You can also get uniform style school outfits at places like Walmart, Land's End and Talbot's.