Is Circumsicion Safe For Your Baby?

 Circumcision nowadays is very common. It is definitely a rite of passage for people form many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  I am not saying in this blog that I am for or against the procedure in any way but I thought it was an interesting subject especially for new parents who are wondering 'To circumcise or not to circumcise – that is the question.' 

There is only a risk in a circumcision operation if it is poorly carried out.  If the procedure is done badly there can be postoperative bleeding and sometimes an infection from a homemade circumcision can be fatal.  In fact, the American Medical Association says that bleeding and infection are the most common of the complications associated with the procedure even if you do have it done in a hospital. In most cases the bleeding caused by a cirmcision is stopped within minutes of pressure being applied to the cut.

Symptoms of serious complications due to a circumcision include problems with the lymph glands, ulcers around the tip of the baby's penis, impotence, cysts and loss of the penis due to necrosis.  One side effect that is not evident until your child is much older is pain when the penis is erect. These types of conditions ten to occur when a surgeon or urologist is not the person conducting the operation. 

Thankfully there are simple and common procedures that can help correct this situation if it does happen. This is just precautionary talk and for you interest only.

Not that many baby penises are ever lost to a condition like penile necrosis.  The American Academy of physicians says it is two in a million. A study done in Isreal says it's one in a million.   Circumcision seems to be a very safe procedure in general. The AMA says that complications occur in 2% of cases.  However the American Academy Family of physicians says that as many as 35% of circumcisions cause problems. However the benefits of getting your child circumcised has health benefits that seem to far outweigh the risks. For one thing, the entire pubic are is a cleaner and there is less risk of infection. Men who have circumcisions also don't tend to suffer from yeast infections like uncircumcised men do.   

The World Health Organization published an article in the Library of Science Medicine Journal in July 2006 that stated that men who have been circumcised have a lower risk of contracting and also spreading AIDS. The study then went on to postulate that if all men in the world were circumcised over the next ten years then two million new cases of AIDS could be avoided. Does this mean that we should get our children circumcised to spare millions from suffering?    

However as a woman with daughter, I am thinking that an even bigger plague could be prevented if all men were circumcised.  Many studies have shown that men who are uncircumcised men are at greater risk of human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, which is transferred to women. Women then develop warts, which lead to cervical cancer. It is estimated that 94% of women in the United States have already contracted this virus thanks to sex with male carriers.