Is Waxing or Epilating Better?

Last week's blog brought up some interesting questions. What method is better for hair removal? Would it be waxing or epilation?
For decades waxing was the only way of hair gets rid of any part of the body in a way that lasted. Waxing y yanked the hair out from the root and appeared to weaken it so that the hair grew back thinner. The more you waxed the softer the hair would look but it took weeks to get this going.
So is waxing or epilating better for removing hair? Waxing for hair removal has been around since the times of ancient Rome when melted beeswax was used to remove stubborn growths. Epilators are newer but do they actually do a better job.
It seems that epilators work best on flatter, smoother areas of skin such as the tummy or the shins. They do not work as well in curved areas of the body such as the armpit. This does not mean that you cannot remove the hair at all; it just means you might be going over the same spot again and again with the epilator to finally remove it.
Using an epilator is a lot less painful than using wax. First of all wax is hot and can burn the skin. If the wax strip is not ripped off quickly there can be a lot of pain associated with trying to remove hair through waxing.
However sometimes epilators, even though less painful to use than wax strips, can leave a person feeling itchy with red skin that seems rubbed raw or scraped. If you have very sensitive skin it is best not to use an electric epilator but instead opt for a different form of hair removal such as shaving.
Waxing often just breaks the hair because the hands pulling away the hair it can be difficult don't yank all of the hair out by the root. The machine is more able to pulls hair out whether you like it or not and without hesitation. There is no quivering fearful human factor involved!
One of the advantages of using an epilator is that it is not as messy as waxing. All it involves is using a machine. Waxing on the other hand can be quite sloppy and involves using cups, microwaves, strip, spatulas and other accessories. This also makes waxing a less portable method of hair removal. On the other hand you can take a litter epilator anywhere and you don't have to spend money on waxes, cloth strips or put jars in the microwave