Keep Kids Hydrated with Popsicles

Keep Kids Hydrated With Popsicles

Sometimes I worry that I can't get my kids to consume what should be about four or five glasses of water a day. Keeping hydrated is just as important for little bodies as it is adults. This is especially important to think about in the near future as scientists are predicting one of the hottest summers on record this year.

It's hard for adults to sit there and drink their full eight glasses of day so how do you convince a fussy toddler or 'busy' six year old to drink up to five or six glasses a day. Then it occurred to me that the answer is probably – popsicles.

My kids love popsicles and the more brightly colored they are, the better!

Of course, not just any Popsicle will do here. It has to be made from more than just sugar and water like the commercial popsicles are. They have to be nutritious.

One of the most nutritious popsicles I could think of would be ones made with fruit juice and milk swirled together to make a healthy version of a Creamsicle. Of course there are also all kinds of vitamin enriched juices on the market that make a delicious homemade Popsicle as well. An interesting idea might be to try making popsicles with vitamin enriched waters, which are also now readily available in supermarkets.

On super hot days you can prevent your child from become dehydrated by making frozen treats out of Gatorade. Making old fashioned home made lemonade and adding a dash of salt to it can also help your child from becoming overheated and also supply a generous dose of Vitamin C.

Almost no kid can resist a homemade frozen treat that is made with Jello. The great thing about Jello powder is that it is not too sweet and that you can use less than the package indicated to make those brightly colored popsicles that children find so attractive. You can also make delicious low fat popsicles using the chocolate Jello powder. They will be especially nourishing if you use whole milk.

You can buy all kinds of plastic molds that can be used to make your own popsicles at places like Wal-Mart or Zellers and sometimes you can even get them in a grocery store. The key is to get a durable set that is not made of plastic that is too soft because kids love to chew on the 'stems' of the Popsicle handles. Try to get the kind that has a handle with a large beveled bowl where the Popsicle attaches to the stick to prevent drips. Wooden Popsicle sticks are not such a hot idea as littler kids like to chew on them and this can cause splintering and possible injury to the tongue.

Not that this tip has much to do with hydration but while we are on the topic of frozen treats, a frozen banana is a healthy treat to give a toddler. Not only is it nutritious but also gnawing on it can ease the pain of teeth that are coming in.