Laser Treatments For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Let's face it. If you have had a kid you probably have stretch marks. These stretch marks occur when the skin is pulled to the extent that it loses its elasticity. This of course in inevitable after you have a baby.  

The white marks are simply evidence of your skin cells trying to heal themselves. The striped looking marks mostly occur on the breasts, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and groin. When you first get them they look like red stripes. You know your skin has begun the healing process if they start to look like white stripes or bands.  

Stretch marks are also common in people who have lost a lot of weight. The marks are the result of your skin’s collagen and elastin breaking down under stress. Sometimes weight lifters get them too.  Stretch marks are usually treated with surgery, steroids or topical creams and ointments. These are meant to bleach, thicken or shrink the skin's tissues.  Whether or not these treatments will work for your stretch marks depends on a lot of factors.

Not everybody gets a positive result using these creams. Also some only get temporary relief using cream. Lasers are the newest technology for removing stretch ward. Lasers work well on scars and stretch marks because they stimulate the skin under the scar or stretch mark. This stimulates cells to start healing. This can also stimulate the production of collagen in the area, which causes the skin beneath the scar to thicken so that it is a closer match to the surrounding skin. 

The really great thing about laser treatments for scars and stretch marks is that they are in-office procedures that don't require painkillers or anesthesia. You can get treated in less than hour Some people note that they feel a slight tingling or a feeling similar to the 'snapping of a rubber band' against their skin when they get the procedure done.  Taking a couple of Advil afterwards easily relieves the discomfort. 

Will laser treatment for your scars and stretch marks work for you? The good news is that about 70% of both males and females do see a real improvement in the appearance of stretch mark after laser treatment so your odds of getting rid of them are actually pretty good.  However you have to get the stretch mark sooner rather than later.  The laser will not work if it has been on your body along while. The older the scar or stretchmark is the harder it will be for the laser to diminish it.

To help speed up the results you might be asked to use a trentinoin cream or a glycolic acid cream before and after your treatments to help reduce redness and thicken the skin.  Keep in mind that not everybody's scars and stretch marks can be removed with laser treatments. Laser treatment works best on shallow scars and stretch marks and also on people with fair ski. The darker your skin, the less likely this treatment is to work. It is not recommended for people with a history of vitilago, pigmentation disorders or dark tans. 

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