Make Better Holiday Family Videos

Those Christmas memories need to be immortalized and there is no better way to do it than with a video camera. With today’s video cameras, recording your family gatherings and events is a breeze. However creating ones that are fun to watch for any length of time requires more than just pressing a button. Thankfully it is
.A good video shot is often dictated by the direction and quality of light, and for most situations. A soft light looks best on a subject's face. One rule to remember is to always keep the light source behind your camera, even when shooting outdoors. Indoors, turn on all the lights or open all the shades. Natural light is always the best light, anytime you can get it.
Anyone who has a video camera knows that half the time you are recording your own voice while you are shooting. Stay quiet while that camera is on. The built in microphone in most cameras is multi-directional. What you really want is a directional microphone that is attached to the device.
If there is one big rule about improving your home videos, it’s stop jiggling. Brace your camera against your body or a solid object. For specific shots just try mounting the camera on a tripod. You can always edit the footage to make it more interesting later.
You also want your shots to look natural. When possible, frame your subjects off center. “When you shoot a movie, it’s rare to see a close-up dead center in the middle of the screen.
It also looks very amateur to keep zooming the camera in and out. It can also give your viewers motion sickness. It is better to get physically closer rather than zoom in and out like a maniac.
If you want it to be engaging then try to tell a bit of a story when shooting it. This is especially true if you are thinking of posting them on the web. Let events unfold unnaturally. The worst home Christmas videos result when you say try to force the action by dictating what should happen next.
Don't be afraid to perform a little magic in the editing room. Many home computers come with editing software that can easily help you do things like cut out long drawn scenes, add close ups and add music and even sound effects! You can also change the order of scenes, ad transition and create title and credits. Don't overdo any special effects unless the shot video is very trashy.
You should also strategically set up shots before Christmas begins. I personally have had enough of watching video of my kid's backs. You want to place yourself so you see the kids’ faces as they experience the joy of Christmas Day!