Making Baby Food Out of Tofu

Tofu is a soybean curd; it is made from unfermented. It is a fantastic source of iron, protein and calcium that is smooth and silky and easily blended into baby food…

However, as Tofu is a soy product, you should not offer it to an infant who has been identified as having any allergy to soy.

Tofu is a very versatile food and can be eaten raw, baked, sautéed and pureed into soups, broths and grain dishes. It is also the ideal vegetarian source of protein for a baby. However it is not ready to serve to a child until he or she is at least eight months old as it can be a bit hard on underdeveloped digestive systems.

Tofu comes in blocks that must be drained and blotted dry. You can then spoon it, slice it or spoon it. It is very easily blended or mashed.

Tofu keeps in the fridge for up to a week. It does not freeze well so it is better to make baby food from it in smaller batches.
For a sweet treat try adding honey and crushed graham crackers to tofu and pureeing it together. For an extra tasty treat mash a chocolate chip cookie or Oreo cookie into blended tofu.

Tofu tastes like pudding when blended with a touch of vanilla and any fruit. If the fruit is frozen it can have a texture a little more like ice cream once blended. Try blending it with apples, strawberries, blueberries or pears. You can add a bit of yogurt for a milkier taste.
Tofus also goes great mashed up with cottage cheese and avocado and pureed in a blender. A very simple meal is to cube the tofu and sauté it in olive oil. Season it with salt and pepper and then serve. Another great idea is to blend the tofu with carrots and sweet potato to make baby food.

Tofu can also substitute for scrambled eggs if mixed with olive oil or butter, green pepper, onion and tomato and fry it up. You can serve this like a scramble if you want but if the baby is very young then it is suggested that you puree it.

The other great thing about Tofu is that if you buy the silken kind you can add fruits, juices, yogurt and a bit of ice to make a delicious smoothie for your baby. This is especially healthy and refreshing for your baby on a hot day when he or she may not feel much like eating.