Moms and Back Pain

It is estimated that six and a half million U.S. citizens seek treatment for low back pain every day. Chiropractic doctors estimate that many more people in society go untreated for this kind of pain. The statistic is that eight out of ten people will suffer from severe back pain requiring treatment at least once in life. If this pain is not treated it can turn into chronic pain that can last the rest of their lives.

Neck pain that comes on without any apparent cause could be the consequence of an untreated injury to the neck. That is why if you suffer any kind of an injury such as a knock to the head, an impact in a car accident or a fall you should seek a chiropractic evaluation and chiropractic care immediately. Untreated neck pain can lead to serious chronic problems such as persistent neck pain, headaches, degeneration of the spinal tissue, soft tissue generation, hardening of muscles, stiffness and restriction of motion.

There are a lot of ways to contract back pain including auto accidents, falls, sports and just careless lifting. Stresses that are placed on the abdomen and back muscles stress the ligaments that keep the vertebrae that are supposed to keep the vertabras in proper alignment as well. These ligaments are the supporting structures for the spine and when they become misaligned the nerves inside the spinal chilling can become pinched, trapped or stretched.

If you have ever been afflicted with back pain you already realize that living a normal life becomes almost impossible. Most of us could avoid pain and disability if we had a prompt diagnosis of the problem. It is the job of th4e chiropracter to determine whether it is a ligament, muscle or disk deterioration, a fixated joint, inflammation or a degenerative joint disease that is the cause of the problem. Sometimes the back pain has a surprising source such as sciatica or a disease of an internal organ.
Cricks in the neck, neck pain and stiffness can be caused by tumors, fixed vertebrae, spinal disk protrusion and muscle spasming but for the most part it is caused by misaligned spinal disks.

Even the slightest misalignment of spinal bones can cause spinal nerves to be pinched or alter the alignment of the spine. If these painful and stiff conditions are not addressed they can lead to degenerative joint diseases that cannot be reversed. Unfortunately spinal structures can heal in the wrong position and cause pain for life.
If you experience back pain it is a good idea not to dismiss chiropractic treatment as being a last resort and instead treat it as a first line treatment for the problem. Many women experience relief by doing Yoga or stretching exercises. Physiotherapy can help this problem as well.