Protecting You and Your Kids From Toxins

Your body is a battlefield. Your cells are defending themselves against toxins every single minute a day.
Toxins can be extreme, like poison mushrooms or snake venom. However most toxins can also exist in seemingly harmless plants, common foods, and in many of our daily household items.
They can be ingested, absorbed by the skin, inhaled, and even produced by the body. Where toxins build up, adverse reactions may occur, some of them serious. Where there is disease present, the natural cellular environment has in some way been disturbed or altered by toxins.
The physical effects of toxins can range from a simple skin rash or irritation, to inflammation, and digestive problems, to major diseases, such as cancer.
Unfortunately toxins are a fact of life. Toxins are everywhere — from pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink, to the preservatives and environmental chemicals in foods.
Toxins also get into our bodies when we eat excessive refined sugars and animal fats, or highly processed junk foods. We also consume big amounts of toxins when we smoke, drink alcohol excessively, and take pharmaceutical drugs.
When cells become toxic they die. Cells need energy in the form of nourishment, hydration and oxygen which is supplied to them by the surrounding fluids. This fluid is mostly water.
Cells will take what they need by way of minerals and nutrients, and either transforms it into energy or store it away for future use. The rest becomes waste, which they need to expel back into the surrounding fluids to be flushed away. If there is an overabundance of toxins and acids in the fluids it can alter the cells’ ability to function. The cells get constipated and congested just as we do. This in turn manifests as sickness.
So to stay well you need to –
• Eat nutritious wholesome food that is vegetarian without dairy or meat
• Drink plenty of water but not too much so you don't dilute them minerals in your system
• Exercise to keep the fluids and lymph system moving so any energy moving through our body is free flowing
• A healthy non-toxic clean environment that does not trigger allergies or poisonings
The trick is to stay away from foods and other substances that work against us, but instead to choose foods that keep our cellular environment clean.
Humans need to keep the fluids moving through their cells through exercise. This will keep toxins from creating an environment where they can take hold and do damage to tissues.
You can eliminate alcohol, caffeine, baked goods, dairy foods, and red meat, and instead revert to lighter fare, or a vegetarian or raw diet.
Doing the above is very much part of alkalinizing your diet. Integrating the alkaline and dispensing with the acidic to the best of your ability is the best way of defending yourself against disease.