Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance Band Workouts

As a busy mommy I want to stay in shape. However I do not have a lot of time to work out. This is where a resistance band work out has really helped save my life.

As we all know anaerobic exercise helps you keep burning fat long after you stop exercising because the lean muscle keeps burning fat for quite a while after you done exercising and are at rest. Using a resistance band is simply the easiest way to create fat burning muscle. The band is convenient because band is not as bulky as weight lifting equipment and yet after working out with it you still get the same type of results. You can take it anywhere.

Working out with a resistance band is also an effective way to lose weight if you do a resistance band workout along with aerobic exercises such as swimming or running.
The great thing about it is that it is as easy to pack. It is just a band of stretchy cloth. You simply take it to the office or take it with you in your suitcase on a plane.

Here is a simple guide to some resistance band workout exercises-


Stand on the center of the band and pull the handles upwards until you are holding them with your palms facing outwards. Keep your tummy muscles tucked in and your knees slightly bent. Bend your arms and bring palms forward towards your shoulders to accomplish a bicep curl.


Stand on the band with your feet at shoulder-width. Pull the band up by the handles and hold tension on the band by holding your arms in a position that is a half-bicep curl. Dip into a squat, keeping knees behind toes, and pulling on the band to add tension. Return to starting point and repeat.

Outer Thigh Criss Cross

Lying on the floor wrap the band around your feet. Raise your legs straight up to create tension. Hold the band on either side in the opposite hand. Squeeze your buttocks and widen your legs out to the sides of your torso as far as you can.

Butt Blaster

On hands and knees, wrap band around right foot, holding onto handles with each hand. Wrap the resistance band around your hand until you feel that it has enough tension. Begin with your right knee bent and flex the foot while extending the right leg straight back. Keep your buttocks as taut as you can while you do this.

Chest Press

Wrap the band around a sturdy object behind you and hold handles in each hand. Be sure that whatever object you choose is completely stable or you could hurt yourself.

Begin this move with your elbows bent and arms parallel to the ground. Squeeze the chest and press the arms in and out. Try to keep your moves smooth and fluid.

Remember to warm up with five to ten minutes of cardio beforehand. You should also cool down with stretches afterwards as well just as you would any other type of exercise!