Should You Get a Breast Lift After Nursing?

 There are many reasons why a woman might consider having a breast lift. Some do it to simply enhance their natural assets but most mothers of a couple of children do it to get rid of post nursing sagging. Simply defined, a breast lift (or mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that temporarily raises, and reshapes sagging breasts. The reason the operation is considered temporary is that there is no surgical operation on earth that can permanently keep breasts safe from the forces of gravity. No matter what any of us do, we are going to age and eventually our breasts will drop. Keep in mind that a breast lift is not the same as getting breast implants. A breast lift raises and tightens the breast area but it does not add bulk or volume. Only a breast implant can raise your breast cup a size or two so this is not the surgery to get if you are looking for larger breasts.  This surgery can, however get rid of 'bologna' breasts. .  If your breasts are extremely long or large you may not be able to get an effective breast list. The fact is that not all breasts may not be able to be fully lifted and the more mass that the plastic surgeon has to deal with; the less likely the operation is to be fully successful. Plastic surgeons will also question your motivations for getting a breast lift because they know that this procedure may have varying results on different women. If you have a history of depression, obsessive compulsion or disorders to do with self-image or self-esteem you may not be a good candidate for this type of surgery. Keep your expectations realistic as the operation is not a magic bullet that will fix other problems, such as make a dead beat Dad pay his child support. You may also not be a good candidate for a mastopexy if you are expecting to have more children. Most women seek a breast lift because pregnancy and nursing have caused their breasts to lose volume and the skin to lose tension and elasticity. If you are planning to have more children, the results of the breast lift may be very temporary as your breasts will simply start sagging all over again during child rearing. A breast lift is considered to major, invasive surgery. If you are planning to have the operation plan on being out of commission for at least a month.  This alone can wreak havoc with a busy mom's schedule.   The surgery is also performed under general anesthesia. As with any surgery, a breast lift does have its risks. These include infection, bleeding and cardiac arrhythmia.  You are not a good candidate for this type of surgery if you are a smoker or have an autoimmune disease. It is also crucial to realize that all breast lifts leave wide seam like scars from the nipple to beneath the breast.  The operation can also leave you with unevenly positioned nipples and keep in mind too that it can also affect nursing if you plant to have kids in the future.